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Yozgat , Turkey ‘s Central Anatolia Region ‘s located in a province. Çekerek, Aydıncık and Kadishehri districts remain in the Black Sea Region .

Yozgat Population: 421,041. 74.31% of this population lives in cities (end of 2016). [3] The area of ​​the province is 13.690 km 2. The Provincial km 2 ‘is reduced to 31 people. (This number is 50 in the central district). The annual population growth rate is 0,38%.

According to TURKSTAT data in 2016, there are 14 districts, 36 municipalities, 219 neighborhoods and 572 villages with the central district.

The height of the city center from the sea is 1317 m.


Yozgat province has an estimated 5000 years of history. The state that established the first political union around Yozgat is the Hittites . During the Hittite period, the ancient city of Hattusha was established today within the boundaries of Çorum. Late Ottoman period Bozok starboard is referred to as

The main name of the province is “Bozok” and in 1927 the name was changed to “Yozgat”. Oghuzs ; The locality is known by the name of “Bozok” with the influx of Turkmens belonging to “Bozok” branch. Towards the 1800s, this name was pronounced as “Yozgat”.

As for the origin of the name “Yozgat”, different rumors are being put forward. According to a custom, Yozgat Saray Village (as of today the town) from the floor upwards from the bottom up. Due to the rise of this layer and the height of the altitude, the foreground was called “Hundred times” and it became “Yozgat” in the meantime. [ citation needed ]

According to another rivayete; The Tribal Reiser Omar Cabbar Aga’s face flashed. That’s why they called him Çopur or Çapar Koca. According to Söylentiye, Cabbar Agha is going to Khidr when he grazes his herds on a summer day in the spring, and wants to drink from the owner of the davbar owner Cabbar Aga. Güler face Omer Aga does not negate the pleasure of the guests immediately, and offers milk with pleasure. After you have a quick syrup, you will be very pleased and tell Cabbar Ağa: “Çobanoğlu, you get corruption, your name is Yoz-Kant.” This promise disappeared. Yoz-Kant, who is such a foundation, is taking Yozgat status. [ citation needed ]

Although there is no satisfactory information about the source of the claim, it is known that this region is known for many years.

The second term was changed to Yozgat name Bozok by a takrir given by Kütahya Mebusu Cemil Bey. On 23 June 1927 , the name of Bozok was changed back to Yozgat with a takr of Bozok Mebusu Süleyman Sırrı Bey and his friends. The name of Yozgat has changed from Bozok, it is not understandable, it does not carry a scientificity.


Yozgat is the first priority region in development. In accordance with the law on the creation of employment and the promotion of investments in the priority provinces of development number 4325 issued in 1998, the Yozgat Industrial Company gained vitality and the occupation of the Organize Industrial Zone (OIZ) allocation applications was full. Along with the economic crisis experienced in 2001, the number of firms operating in the OIZ has decreased considerably, and the law no. 5084 issued after that has caused new investments to be made even though the effect of the law no.

Weighted production in Yozgat province; food, apparel, metal processing, brick and ready-mixed concrete.


The provincial economy is largely based on farming . The shape of the ground allows for 98.8% of manure. Due to semi-arid climatic conditions, dry farming has become widespread and product varieties have decreased. Grains and legumes are grown intensively . Sugar beet , sunflower , potato and onion products are grown in irrigated areas . Because irrigable fields are limited, the importance of vegetable production in province agriculture is low. Fruit production is not large in size because of the hard climate of the climate and the lack of storage facilities. Apple, pears , apricots , cherries , grapes , quince , almonds and walnuts are the main fruits grown. Başbüyük Village is very developed in agriculture and meets all vegetable needs in the summer months of the Yozgat population


It is an important source of income in agriculture as well as animal husbandry in the provincial economy . The wide space coverage of the steppe has set the scene for the spread of the small livestock breeding. Animal husbandry is generally carried out in conjunction with agricultural activities and is a form of pasture farming . In recent years, animal breeding trials and industrial activities to evaluate animal products and animal husbandry have revived and modern enterprises have started to be established. I have, from small ruminants; black-tailed sheep , bristle and mohair goats , cattle and cattle from cattle breeds. SkinYozgat is a major source of income. Significant developments have also been observed in poultry farming in recent years . Small-scale poultry farms are being produced with modern methods, especially since 1995 , there have been significant increases in egg production.

Culture and Tourism

Yozgat E is located on E88 highway and especially it is the place frequented by foreigners because of the proximity of Hattusas (Hittite Civilization) and the passing of Ataturk road connecting Hattusas and Cappadocia. Yozgat, also known as the Bozok Plateau, has been a residential area since ancient times and has been the most beautiful place to visit with its unspoiled nature, hospitable warm people, beautiful guest insights, natural beauties, promenade places, high plains, historical, cultural, touristic values ​​and spas it is one. Turkey’s first national park of the pines National Park, Akdag Forests, Şebekpınar Picnic area, Kazankaya Valley, and Gelingüllü places like the dam is used in Yozgat Western Anatolia mouth are sports, leisure and picnic areas.

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