Turkey – Yemen Political Relations

Turkey, Yemen peace to have deep-rooted historical and cultural ties, support the stability and territorial integrity, on all platforms is making efforts in this direction.

In the face of the ongoing crisis in Yemen, our country has defended the problems from the very beginning through peace and dialogue, based on respect for legitimacy. Turkey process that began with the seizure of the capital Sanaa and state institutions Houthis in supporting the legitimate government, which is considered to be resident parameters of UN Security Council 2216 (2015) decree, the National Dialogue Conference (IMC) issue to the container in the framework of results and the GCC initiative a political solution must be found. In this framework, our country supports the efforts of the UN to pursue political solutions and closely follows the political process by taking part in the G-18 formation.

Our country is also making an active effort in the Islamic Cooperation Organization to find a solution to the political and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. In this framework, an İİT Yemen Contact Group was established at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers on the subject of Yemen, which was held in Jeddah on 16 June 2015 in Jeddah, with the participation of our minister, and 18 countries of the Contact Group also participated. The Contact Group has held four meetings to date.

Yemen President Abdurabbu Mansur Hadi made a visit to my country on 16-18 February 2016 at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Turkey. This visit constituted another demonstration of the support we gave legitimacy in Yemen. President Hadi visited the OIC Summit in Istanbul on 14-15 April 2016 and the OIC Extraordinary Summit on Jerusalem in Istanbul on 13 December 2017.

The increasingly worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen is closely followed by our country, and humanitarian aid for the wounding of the brotherly Yemeni people continues.

At the meeting of Friends of Yemen Group in New York on September 27, 2012, we are continuing our efforts to fulfil Yemen’s 100 million USD commitment for development and stability in the form of project-based aid.

We also have urgent humanitarian aid to Yemen. Our country, which has been in various humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen since 2015, has delivered a new humanitarian aid package to Yemen by sea on July 20, 2017 with a volume of 11 thousand tons and a value of 9 million US Dollars. The aid package included medicines and medical supplies used in the treatment of cholera, flour, food, clothing materials, wheelchairs and two field hospitals. One of the Saharan hospitals passed away on December 19, 2017 in Aden. Food and flour aid was continued in various regions of Yemen through various institutions during the following period.

147 Yemenis injured in conflict in Yemen were brought to our country on December 30, 2016 to continue their treatment in our country.

The “High Level Commitment Activity on Humanitarian Victims in Yemen” was held on 25 April 2017 in Geneva and was attended by the delegation headed by Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak, Prime Minister of the period. In this regard, 1 million USD contribution has been committed to our conference country. Our commitment has been transferred to the UNICEF organization, which was named in September 2017 to support the anti-colonial program for children.

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