Turkey-United Kingdom Relations

Among the first countries to establish regular diplomatic relations during the Ottoman Empire period is the United Kingdom. William Harborne, the first British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, came to Istanbul in 1583 and Yusuf Agâh Efendi began to refer to it as the London Ambassador of the Ottoman Empire in 1793. Turkish-British bilateral relations are multidimensional, influenced by the strong ties from history. Our NATO ally the United Kingdom, Turkey is among the leading partners in Europe.

Turkey entered into force for two years in 2007, “UK-Turkey Strategic Partnership Document (SOB)”, United Kingdom renovated former Prime Minister David Cameron’s July 26 to 27, 2010 in revised during his visit to our country and (Prime Minister’s term) Mr. President with by Cameron It has been signed. These areas will be developed in partnership with the document, “Bilateral Relations, Bilateral Trade and Investment, Turkey’s EU Membership, Regional Stability and Peace, Cyprus, Defence, Global Security, Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons, Combating Illegal Migration, Energy Security and Low Carbon Fuel Future, Intercultural Dialogue Education and Culture “.

Our close alliance relations with England are similar to many regional and international issues, and our common interests provide the appropriate ground for further development of our bilateral cooperation. Close consultations are underway in almost all foreign policy issues.

Our deep-rooted and multi-dimensional relationships based on common values ​​with the United Kingdom have recently gained momentum with mutual high-level visits. Recently, the Prince Charles of Wales, Prince Harry and Secretary of State Hammond joined the Commemoration Ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli of the Dardanelles in April 2015; Mr. Prime Minister visited a study visit to the United Kingdom on 17-19 January 2016; United Kingdom Secretary of State Fallon visited our country on 13 November 2015 and Foreign Minister Philippe Hammond visited our country on 14-15 January 2016. Mrs. Foreign Minister attended the V. Meeting of the Turkish-English Sweetheart Forum in Bath, UK on 11-12 March 2016.

UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in the 25 to 27 September 2016 and the United Kingdom Prime Minister visited Turkey on January 28, 2017 Theresa May. Mr. Prime Minister visited the United Kingdom on 9-10 May 2017 to attend the Somali Conference. With the participation of civil society, bilateral relations between Turkey and the United Kingdom a new dimension to the institutional order designed in 2011 as a communications platform Dessert Language 6th Meeting of the Forum was held in Antalya on 24 to 26 March 2017.

Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of the Economy Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Berat Albayrak, Minister of the EU Mr. Mehmet Çelik, Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency, Ambassador Prof.Dr. Mr. Ibrahim Kalin and SSM Undersecretary Prof.Dr. Mr. İsmail Demir has participated. The United Kingdom has joined the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, representing the Royal Family, Boris Johnson, Foreign Minister, and Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Europe and the United States. At the talks held on the forum, the Turkish-British political, commercial and energy relations were discussed in all its aspects, as well as defence and cyber security,

Our bilateral trade / economic relations with the United Kingdom have gained momentum, especially in recent years.

United Kingdom is one of the countries with the largest numbers of foreign investment in Turkey, more than 2,900 British capital in Turkey within this framework the company operates. The sum of the British investments in our country is about 9 billion 538 million dollars.

The bilateral trade balance with the United Kingdom, the main trading partner of our country, has been favoured by our country since 2001. Exports to the UK have increased by 78.8% in the last 10 years. Our bilateral trade volume in 2016 was $ 17 billion 8 million, an increase of 5.6% over the year 2015. In this period, Britain ranked 11th in the ranking and 2nd in the export ranking.

Trade volume with the UK in the first four months of 2017 contracted by 14% compared to the same period of the previous year. In this period, exports decreased by 23.7% and imports increased by 4.9%. Britain ranked 4th in the ranking of the countries that we export most with the trade figures in the mentioned period and 11th in the ranking of the countries we import most.

Turkey-Irish Relations

It is the first known event of Turkish-Irish relations in Ireland after years by the Ottoman navy of an Irish trade ship that opened to the Mediterranean in the 16th century and was handed over to pirates.

In Ireland, between 1845 and 1851, the Great Scarcity continued, and in 1847 financial assistance was sent by Sultan Abdulmecit. The Ottoman documents proving that the help was done, and the thanks of the British authorities, local authorities and prominent figures of the Irish are in the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives. It is known that Ottoman ships departing from Istanbul were not allowed to enter the port of Dublin after the fact that five vessels loaded with grain and food items were sent to the island in order to compensate for the decrease in the cash aid and it was known that they docked to Drogheda harbour 70 km away from Dublin and sneaked freely at night. On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the founding of Drogheda, one of Ireland’s historic cities, and the 150th anniversary of the great famine,

Before the independence of Ireland in 1921, during the First World War, under the British command on the front of the Dardanelles, an Irish army fought against the Ottoman army. Nearly 5 Irish soldiers in Canakkale have lost their lives. On the other hand, the National Struggle has found support in the Irish public opinion, which has been struggling for independence in the same period.

Our diplomatic relations with Ireland were established in 1951 with notes. Our Embassy in Dublin was active in early 1973. The Irish Embassy in Ankara was opened in 1998.

In 2016, our bilateral trade volume increased by 0.9% to US $ 1 billion 319 million, our exports increased by 5.9% to US $ 495 million and our imports decreased by 1.9% to US $ 824 million. In the first two months of 2017, our bilateral trade was 195 million Dollars (exports: 76 million Dollars, imports: 119 million Dollars).

In 2002-2016 period, direct investments from Ireland to my country totalled $ 562 million. As of December 31, 2016, there are around 376 companies with Irish capital in our country.

In the same period, the total of direct investments made by our country in Ireland amounted to $ 742 million. Our country is ranked 5th among the tourist destinations preferred by Irish tourists. From Ireland to the country in 2016 54.221 tourists arrived.

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