Embassy of Turkey in Tirana, Albania
Rruga e Elbasanit 65 Tirana, Albania​

Friendship Agreement signed in 1923, has established the diplomatic relations between Albania and Turkey.

Consulate in Vlora in 1925, and Embassy in Tirana instead of 1926 in our country. In 1939, after the Italian invasion and annexation of Albania, the Embassy was closed and replaced by the Consulate General; At the request of the communist government in Albania in 1945 , the Consulate General was closed and diplomatic relations between the two countries were cut off; in the following period the Central Embassy was opened in 1958 in the direction of the request of the Albanians; In 1966 relations were raised to the level of Embassy.

The Military Attaché in the Embassy in 1992 and the Commercial Counselor in 2007 have been active.

The first state-owned Embassy building in Durres Caddesi, which was started to be used in 1926, was transferred to Yugoslavia in the 1950s due to the residential situation of our Embassy; In 1959-2006 he became a tenant in another building. With the new building moved in 2006, our Embassy has gained an infrastructure that will enable services to be carried out more healthily.

The land was purchased on June 30, 2011, to move to our own property settlement. Our embassy building project work continues.

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