Embassy of Turkey in Afghanistan
Shah Mahmoud Ghazi Khan Street No.134, Kabul, Afghanistan

Following the establishment in 1920, Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) of the government, one of the first decisions taken was to send representatives to open a representative office in Kabul and Afghanistan. Abdurrahman Samadan, a prominent Turkish Afghan officer, was appointed to Kabul as a representative on this decision. Abdurrahman Bey was found in Kabul between August 1920 and June 25, 1922.

Later, Medina’s former Guard Fahrettin (Türkkan) Pasha was appointed Ambassador to Kabul and served between June 26, 1922 and May 12, 1926. Following Fahrettin Pasha, in Ataturk’s time in Kabul, Nebil Bey (West) 17 May 1926-30 June 1928 (Ambassador), Yusuf Hikmet Bayur (Atatürk’s Special Item Manager) 30 June 1928-1 August 1931 and Mahmut Şevket Esendal 19 From November 1933 to October 31, 1941, he served as Ambassador.

The land in which the Kabul Embassy was founded was awarded by the then Afghan King Emanullah Khan. Established in an area of ​​45.065 m2, the Embassy carries the first diplomatic mission in Kabul. Embassy of the land on behalf of the Republic of Turkey was held in November 25, 1945.

​The present buildings of the Embassy were built in 1977 by İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil during the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Phone: +9350 204 6131

E-Mail: consulate.msharif@mfa.gov.tr

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