Embassy of Turkey in Argentina
11 de Septiembre 1382 1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina​

Turkey – Argentina relations has a long history of over 100 years. Our relations began with the signing of the first consular protocol between the two countries in 1910; After the foundation of our Republic, the two countries have become official in connection with the Treaty of Friendship signed in Rome in 1926. In 1938, the Ambassadors of the two countries presented letters of confidence.

Turkey in trade with Argentina, tourism, culture and scientific cooperation, especially in the fields, there are many bilateral agreements signed. THY’s flights from Istanbul to Buenos Aires with Sao Paulo transfer, which started in December 2013, have shortened the distance between our countries; contributed to the increase of human contacts.

At the same time, our embassy is also accredited to Paraguay and Uruguay. We are responsible for the development of our relations with Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as Argentina, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of our valued citizens who live in our territory and the provision of consular services.

Buenos Aires serving as ambassador to Turkey at a time when new opportunities appear is an honour for me to multi-dimensional foreign policy framework in Latin America we follow. We will strive to work diligently with my colleagues in the consciousness of this task, and to further our relations with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

On our website, recent developments on the foreign policy of our country and find other information about Turkey. You can also get information about all consular procedures for Turkish citizens from your e-consulate page, and you can perform your transactions.

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