Turkish Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland
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Consulate of Turkey in Geneva, Switzerland
20 Route De Pre Bois Case postale 1901 1215 , Geneve 15 Aeroport Switzerland

The first Ottoman-Turkish representative in Switzerland was formed and started to operate with the 4 March 1898 edition. In the Republican period, on 17 July 1924 our Consulate was started. It was opened as a Consulate in 1924, and later in 1928 the Consulate General was raised.
Turkish Consulate in Zurich, Switzerland
Consulate of Turkey in Zurich, Switzerland
Weinberg strasse 65, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland

The bilateral relations in the Ottoman period started with the opening of a consulate in Geneva in 1898 followed by the appointment of the Ottoman Empire’s Brussels deputy in Switzerland in 1900. Since 1915, an Ottoman Embassy in Berne has begun to serve.

Unbroken relations during the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic and 1 in Turkey Embassy in Berne since November 1922 began to use the name, after the proclamation of the Republic has started its operations officially charge d’affaires level. The first Ambassador Mehmet Münir Ertegün in the Republican period presented the trust letter on 1 October 1925. Switzerland opened its first representation in the country in 1928 (an Embassy in Istanbul) and in Ankara in 1934 (the Embassy until 1957).

Turkey-Switzerland bilateral relations 1925 “Friendship Treaty” are ongoing basis.

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