Embassy of Turkey in Stockholm, Sweden
Dag Hammarskjds, Vag 20 Box 24105 104 51 , Stockholm, Sweden

The Ottoman Empire’s representation in Sweden dates back to the 17th century. The first representative, Aslan Aga, was appointed as the Full Authorized Envoy in 1637.

The first representative of the empire in Stockholm was Murat Efendi who served as the Middle Ambassador between 1877-1880, and the last representative was Galip Kemal Bey, who served as the Middle Envoy between 1921-1923. the first representative of the Republic of Turkey is a secular Mukbil Bey who in his capacity as charge affairs in Stockholm between the years 1923-1926. It dates from the Republic of Turkey Embassy in Stockholm shows uninterrupted to this day activities.

One of two separate detached villages owned by our Embassy located in the diplomatstaden (Diplomat City), which is home to diplomatic representatives in Stockholm and has eleven valuable historical villas, serves as Kanzilarya and the other residence building. Between 1929 and 1930 our residence, the architect “Curt Björklund” and the name “Villa Hjorth”, built as the villa of the easternmost point of the Diplomatstaden villas for the industrialist “Berndt August Hjorth” was purchased in 1965. In 1924-1925, the building of “Kont Nils Gustaf Bonde”, the architect “Cyrillus Johansson” and the name “Villa Bonde”, were bought in 1993. The northern fronts of both of our buildings overlook the old Strandvägen (today the mountain town of Hammarskjölds)

Labour and Social Security, Trade, Tourism and Promotion, Education, Press and Religious Services Counsellors are in charge of our Embassy. We also have an Honorary Consulate General in Malmö, Sweden.

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