Embassy of Turkey in Madrid, Spain
C/Rafael Calvo, 18 2A-B 28010, Madrid, Spain

In 1759 III. After leaving the throne Carlos of Spain, sent an envoy to Istanbul by Spain and Turkey-Spain Peace, Friendship and Commerce Treaty was signed in Istanbul in September 1782.

The date of 23 April 1783, when this Treaty’s Confirmation Documents was signed by the Spanish Ambassador Juan de Bouligny to the Auditorium, is considered to be the beginning of contemporary Turkish-Spanish relations. The first permanent Embassy in this capital was opened in 1857, with the Ottoman Empire having sent Vakanüvis Vasif Effendi to Madrid with a temporary embassy in 1787. The First Ambassador was Kerho Efendi.

In 1860 the embassy was temporarily closed due to the measures for saving and the Paris Embassy was accredited to Madrid. Esat Pasha, the Parisian Ambassador, visited Paris in 1880 and worked for the reopening of the Ottoman Embassy in Madrid. In 1881 he was appointed to Madrid as Sermet Effendi.

Between 1914 and 1921, at the beginning of the Embassy, ​​there was a headhunter. In 1921 Ragip Raif Bey was appointed as an Ambassador to Madrid and he left Madrid in August 1922 by transferring his duty to Mashahatguzar Mekin Mukbil Bey. The Embassy of Madrid was ruled by the deputy ministers from 1922 to 1929.

The first ambassador to Madrid in the Republican era was Yahya Kemal Bayatli in 1929.

The joint decision by the United Nations against the Franco administration in 1946 was appropriately called to the Central Envoy Atuner, and until 1951, the Embassy was temporarily administered by the Commissioner.

Spain and Turkey have taken Embassy in Madrid and decided to upgrade their embassy in Ankara since January 1, 1951, and that same year he was appointed as Ambassador Atuner instead Akder Ambassador Faik mind.

Until 1936, the Embassy, ​​which served at Paseo de Castellana 35, moved to Monte Esquinza 48 at that time and finally moved to Rafael Calvo 18, where it was still served in 1983.

Our Embassy is also accorded to Andorra, with attached Armed Forces Attaché and Trade, Culture and Promotion Counselors. There is a Consulate General in Barcelona (Barcelona), 7 Honorary Consulates and 3 Honorary Consulates, all of which are affiliated to our Embassy in Spain.

The mission area of ​​our Embassy’s Consulate Branch includes Asturias, Basque, Ceuta and Melila, Extremadura, Andalusia, Galician, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Kastilla and Leon, Kastilla-La Mancha, La Rioja, Madrid, Navara and Andorra.

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