Embassy of Turkey in Saudi Arabia

1. Our Consulate General has been operating in Riyadh since 1985. Our Consulate General depends on our administrative embassy in Riyadh.

There is a regional sharing of duty between the Embassy of Riyadh and our Consulate General. The mission area of ​​our Consulate General includes the Tebuk, Medina, Mecca, Baha, Asir, Cizan and Necran Emirates in the western part of Saudi Arabia.

2. Specialized units within our Consulate General, Trade; Education; Labor and Social Security; Religious Services and Press Attachés.

3. Our Consulate General and our specialist units provide all kinds of consular services, especially passport, notary public, military, population and terat transactions. Although the Consulate General’s services are provided in Jeddah, where the services of the Consul General are established, the task of spreading to a very wide geographical area is being tried to provide services on-site by temporarily and temporarily going to places where our citizens living in our region are living. Within this scope, once a year there is consular service planning in Medina, Tebuk and Asir (Abha). After the Consulate General’s transition to the online system, it is not possible to carry out the passport, population, and military service on-line at the temporary consular services.

4 – authorizing Turkey to be suitable for this purpose visas to foreigners who want to go for various purposes are also among our tasks.

– Every year, about 500 thousand citizens come to our division for the purpose of Hajj and Umrah. We are helping to resolve the problems that these citizens may face during their time in Saudi Arabia.

– We are working with Saudi Arabia to develop our commercial and economic relations; social and cultural activities are being carried out.

– We are dealing with the needs and demands of our citizens who are working in the duty division in the context of their business life and service documents are prepared for our returning citizens.

5. In addition, delegations and officials from Jeddah are supported by our Consulate General in the framework of official duties.

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