Embassy of Turkey in Pakistan
Diplomatic Enclave, Street 1 Islamabad, Pakistan

The diplomatic relations between our country and Pakistan were initiated in 1947 immediately after the establishment of Pakistan and the famous poet Yahya Kemal Beyatli was appointed as the first Turkish Ambassador to Karachi, Pakistan’s capital, at the beginning of 1948. Since the date mentioned, our Embassy has been serving in Pakistan without interruption. The property of the Kancılarya building and the Embassy of Turkey which belongs to our state belong to our state and the construction of the buildings was completed in August 2004. The architect of the Embassy’s buildings is Hasan Özbay. Construction was carried out by the Turkish firm STFA.

The mission area of our embassy is all Pakistan. The mission of the Embassy’s Consular Branch is to include all Pakistan except Sind and Baluchistan Provinces under our Karachi Consulate General.

Armed Forces Attaché, Commercial Counsellor, nd Education Consultant are in charge of our Embassy.

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