Turkish Embassy in Norway
Halvdan Svartes gate 5, N-0268 Oslo, Norway

​Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Norway in 1926. Our Embassy in Stockholm until kurulmuştur.1946 has been accredited to Norway. The Embassy has been operating for a long time in the residence of a residence purchased in 1963. In 1978, today’s Kancılarya building was purchased. Our Trade Consultancy, which was first opened in 1985 in Norway, was closed in 1999 and reopened in April 2012. Military Attaché, which was closed in 1994, was reopened in 2005.

The Tourism and Promotion, Education and Religious Services Counselors in our Stockholm Embassy are also accredited to Norway ( www.stokholm.be.mfa.gov.tr). In addition, our Embassy in Copenhagen is also accredited to our Norwegian Police Department (Vestagervej 16, 2100 Copenhagen, Tel: +45 39202788-39205500; copenhagen@egm.gov.tr ).

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