Embassy of Turkey in Morocco
7 Av. Abdelkrime Benjelloune, Rabat, Morocco

The first relations between Morocco and the Ottomans began when the Ottomans settled in Tripoli, Tunisia and Algeria in the 16th century. These relations brought the Morocco closer to the Ottoman Empire in 1576, when Abdülmelik’s son Abdullah al-Mohammed’s son Abdalmelik and his opponent Mevlay Mehmed Mutawkkil Alellah supported the Portuguese with the aid of the Ottomans during the Kasr-ül Kebir Battles.

The death of Abdulmelik, his son Mevlâm Ahmad al Mansur, provided that the Ottomans did not take Morocco under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, despite the fact that the Ottoman Empire had been under the rule of Morocco, that the relations between the two countries were based on the history of susceptibility and prejudices.

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco, immediately after independence in March 2, 1956 was established and on April 2, 1957 the first ambassador of the first Morocco before the Republic of Turkey, which has come into office come Veysel First Rabat.

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Rabat residence of the late Foreign Minister Fatin Rüştü Zorlu time was purchased on August 13, 1958. Prior to this, the same building was used as a residence in the form of a lease.

The first kançılarya building is the apartment building in the Kain building, at the address “19, Avenue Tarık Ibn Ziad” in Hassan Mahallesi in the commercial center of the city. The Kançılarya building, which is still in use, was purchased on June 15, 1984, during the period of Foreign Minister Sayın Vahit Halefoglu.

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