Embassy of Turkey in Skopje, Macedonia
Ul. Slavej Planina -BB 1000 , Skopje, Macedonia

Our first representative in Skopje began operating in 1925 as a Consulate-General in a central location in the city. Our General Consulate, which was closed for a while in the conditions of the Second World War, continued to provide services to the premises used by the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre at ” Nikola Kljusev” Street , due to the great damage to the building in Skopje in 1963 . Our Consulate General has been moved to the building on Slavej Planina Street, which was purchased in 1975 and is still used as Embassy Choreographers.

After the independence of the Republic of Macedonia in 1991 from Yugoslavia, our Consulate General was transformed into the Embassy in 1993. Our embassy has been operating the building in the Slavej Planina Street since the mentioned date.

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