Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Dublin, Ireland
8 Raglan Road Ballsbridge Dublin 4. Ireland

The Republic of Ireland, which was opened in 1973, covers the Republic of Ireland. A total of 18 personnel is employed in our Embassy, ​​which also has a Commercial Counsellor. Consular Our citizens who live in Ireland are provided with passport, population, military service and notarial services and visa procedures for national’s subject to visa are carried out. Our mission is to follow the training, culture and tourism issues in our region by the relevant consultants in our London Embassy.

Diplomatic relations with the Republic of Ireland began in 1951 with notes. On 11 December 1972, our Representative Office began its activities at the Interim Secretary-level at the Dublin Bureau of the Paris Embassy. Our Embassy was opened on 1 February 1973.

First Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland Mr. Celal Akbay was appointed to his post in Dublin on December 10, 1973.

Our first Embassy building was rented at 5 Clyde Road Ballsbridge, in 1983 at 60 Merrion Road, at Ballsbridge, and in 1990 at 11 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge. From October 2012 onwards, we started to serve our state property at 8 Raglan Road, Ballsbridge.

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