Embassy of Turkey in Iran
Ferdowsi Avenue No. 337 P.O. Box 11365-8758 , Tehran, Iran

The first permanent Turkish Ambassador in Iran was Esad Efendi, who was appointed in 1835. On the other hand, the official opening of the Tehran Embassy of the Ottoman State in Iranian sources is dated to 1851. Before this land (Ferdovsi Street No. 337), which was now used as Kancesarya, became part of the state-owned Grand Lalezar’s Land, and before the Embassies were established in Tehran, the ambassadors and foreign guests were invited to the magnificent buildings They were hosted.

Today’s Chancellery and residence buildings were built during the time of Ambassador Enis Akaygen (1934-39) and the buildings of the buildings were worshiped on him. The residence building was completed in July 1938 and the Kanchilarya building was completed in October of the same year. The upper floors of the Kancılar building were built as a residence and used until 1964. At that time, today’s residence functioned as a cottage.

The place where today’s residence is located, Pole Rumi (Greek Bridge) name comes from the Ottoman (Greek). This property was used as a summer house in the Ottoman period and later on.

Ambassador Hüsrev Gerede stated in his memoirs that the residence permit was purchased by the Ottoman Empire during the Ottoman Empire and from the poetry of our poets by the Minister of Education, Munif Pasha.

The basis of the Iranian Embassy in Ankara was also laid by Prime Minister Ismet Inonu, in the framework of politics, which was followed in order to encourage the transfer of foreign missions to Ankara.

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