Turkey – Thailand Relations

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Thailand was established in 1958, the same year Turkey has opened an Embassy in Bangkok. The Thai Embassy in Ankara has been active since 1972. Although the level of Head of State visits conducted so far between Thailand and Turkey, held high-level contacts in recent years, maintaining a positive agenda in the framework of relations between the two countries has been the driving force. During a series of visits to the countries of the region by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mevlüt Cavusoglu, the visit to Thailand on 16-17 March 2015 constituted the first visit at the Foreign Minister level after 25 years of visiting this country.

There have been four meetings of the Mixed Economic Commission (KEK) and three meetings of the Business Council between the two countries. Agreements that constitute the legal basis for economic relations are the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation in 1987, the Agreement on the Avoidance of Double Taxation in 2002 and the Mutual Encouragement and Protection of Investments in 2005. In addition, the Free Trade Agreement between Turkey and Thailand (STA) is an ongoing work concerning the signing.

Thailand and Turkey are located between the Air Transport Agreement signed in 1987, it is continuing negotiations for the signing of the Maritime Agreement. Istanbul-Bangkok line, which is one of the most crowded lines of Turkish Airlines, has 14 flights a day, seven days a week. THY Phuket flights, which started on July 17, 2017, are held four times a week. Each Year 75 thousand Turkish citizens while visiting Thailand, the number of Thai came to Turkey in 2016 was realized as 12,500.

From 1992 until today, 165 Thai citizens benefited from Government scholarships. Scholarships have been allocated for 40 Thai citizens for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Turkey Bangkok Embassy Consular Section in about 2000 there are records of Turkish citizens. According to Interior Ministry data residing in Turkey for various reasons there are 880 Thai citizens.

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