Turkey Taiwan Relations

Early in the Cold War, Turkey, People’s Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan Island want to recognize the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was one out of many countries. These diplomatic ties, Turkey’s then drove until you change the position of many other countries, such as the 1971 Sino-American rapprochement. Consequently, Turkey moved its embassy from Taipei to Beijing and to stop all diplomatic relations with the ROC.

However, once the success of Taiwan’s development model has found fruit in the 1980s, it has been accepted worldwide as an “Asian Tiger” in the same economic bracket as Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. This revived interest in Turkey’s Ankara Taiwan and thus, without a response from China, began looking for ways to improve their economic relations with the ROC. Turkey officially in 1993 in Taipei as “Turkish Trade Office” in Ankara and “Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission” re-established relations under the auspices of the flour and economic relations between the two partners has increased significantly since then.

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