Turkey-Spain Relations

Political relations between our country and Spain have been officially approved by the Spanish Ambassador in 1783, when the Peace, Friendship and Trade Agreement was ratified by the Ottoman Sultan. The Spanish Embassy in Istanbul also started its activities on the same date. The Turkish Embassy in Madrid passed the operative in 1857. Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Spain, was upgraded to Embassy level since January 1, 1951.

Turkey-Spain relations, since the mid-1980s, Spain’s NATO and EU accession, the return to parliamentary democracy in Turkey and opening up to foreign markets of both countries and similar economic policies that give priority to the liberalization of applications began to rebound as a result. A Treaty of Friendship was signed between the two countries on April 16, 1989.

Our bilateral relations with Spain have gained a new dimension with the Alliance of Civilizations initiated under the UN framework in 2005 under the auspices of our President (Prime Minister) and Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. On the other hand, first held in 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey-Spain Intergovernmental Summit meetings has brought to the next level of our relations with Spain. Fifth Meeting of the Turkey-Spain Intergovernmental Summit was held in Ankara on February 11, 2014 Prime Minister co-chaired by the two countries.

Spain’s support for our country’s EU membership process positively reflects our political relations.

Economic and trade cooperation constitutes an important aspect of Turkey-Spain relations. In 2016, our bilateral trade volume increased by 3.3% compared to the previous year, reaching 10 billion 670 million dollars (import: 5 billion 679 million dollars, exports: 4 billion 991 million dollars). Our imports and exports increased by 1.6% and 5.3%, respectively. During this period, Spain became the 8th trading partner of our country. (Our imports are 10th, our exports are in the 8th place.)

The main products in our exports to Spain are automobiles, cars, racing cars, oils from oil and bitumen minerals and ready-to-wear products. The main products of our import are automobiles, wagons, racing cars, refined copper, unprocessed copper alloys, spare parts for land vehicles.

651 Spanish companies are operating in our country. The total amount of investment from Spain to the country during 2002-2016 period was 7 billion 636 million dollars. In Spain, about 75 Turkish companies operate. 2002-2016 period, direct investment from Turkey to Spain and 150 million dollars.

In 2016, 106,582 Spanish tourists visited our country. We have about 4000 citizens in Spain.

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