Turkey – South Korea Political Relations

Turkey and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) political relations between the Republic of Korea began with the recognition of our country as an independent state on August 11, 1949. Our participation in the Korean War brought a positive atmosphere to our bilateral relations and diplomatic relations were established in 1957. According to South Korean sources Turkey, participated in the Korean War, the fourth in terms of number of troops from 16 countries (21 212), third in terms of the martyrs who are (966), total casualties (including the wounded and prisoners of war) with respect to the third (2.365) ranks. Our 462 soldiers who were martyred during the battle lie in the UN Korean Monumental Cemetery (UNMCK) in Busan, Korea. South Korean people describe the Turkish people as “blood brothers”.

The Turkish Brigade participating in the Korean War is the only school that builds schools for orphaned and orphaned Korean children in the military troops involved in the war and is remembered even today by the Korean people.

Our relations, which were upgraded to Strategic Partnership level in 2012, are developing with regular mutual high-level visits. Turkey and South Korea, are in particularly close cooperation in international organizations, including the UN and the G20. Foreign ministers are also often coming together in the framework of the MIKTA platform created in 2013.

Parliamentary Friendship Groups have been formed in the TGNA and the Korean National Assembly.

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