Turkey – South Africa Political Relations

There is a history of relations between the two countries. Embassy of South Africa in Ankara on 27 February 1993 and Embassy of Pretoria on 22 March 1994 were opened. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu met in New York on 26 September 2013 with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nkoana Mashabane and the UN General Assembly Meetings.

The Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with the GAC President Zuma on 15-16 November 2014 at the Brisbane G20 Summit. On November 15, 2015, the President of GAC President Zuma and Mr. Sayin, who attended the G20 Antalya Summit held in our country, conducted an interview.

South Africa, Turkey, South of the Sahara in Africa (SAGA) is the most important trading partner. It accounts for about 40 percent of our total trade with SAGA countries, which trade with the GAC, which produces more than 30 percent of SAGA’s GDP and has the largest economy in the region. In 2016, bilateral trade volume stood at 1.4 billion US dollars (exports from Turkey: 406 million US dollars, Turkey imports: 1.058 billion US dollars).

The value of Turkish investments in the GAC is more than 500 million dollars. Our investments are mainly concentrated in the mining and textile sectors. In addition, there are companies engaged in textile, carpet, food-import, wholesale and retail sales of our citizens, mainly in the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Important investments made by Arçelik and DHT Holding in recent years (purchasing of white goods producer DEFY by Arçelik and important iron / steel company CISCO by DHT Holding) have revealed the high level of economic pledge of our country towards GAC.

The last Joint Economic Commission (KEK) meeting was held on 13-16 February 2012 in our country. It is estimated that the number of citizens living in the GAC is around 3,000.

 The flow of tourists from our country to the GAC and from the GAC to our country has been intensified with the resumption of THY’s flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Istanbul on 17 September 2007. THY has launched a separate flight to Cape Town as of October 2015. The number of flight points in the GAC has increased to 3 with the Durban flights that started in THY early November 2015. Gac’n by our country to Turkey every year as part Scholarship grants are allocated.

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