Sivas is one of the key cities in Turkey for Industrial hub as well as the cultural. Upon your arrival to the border officer will check your electronic visa Turkey. You must have your electronic visa Turkey printed and ready for the inspection.

Electronic Visa Turkey
Sivas is one of the key cities in Turkey for Industrial hub as well as the cultural. Upon your arrival to the border officer will check your electronic visa Turkey. You must have your electronic visa Turkey printed and ready for the inspection.


Old name ( Latin : Sebastia , Greek : Σεβάστεια ) Sebastea , Sebasteia or Samassia , Sivas is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia . The excavations and finds unearthed reveal that the first settlement in the area extends to the Neolithic Age (8000-5500 BC). City BC It was the scene of different settlements in 2000s. Despite being in Geography as Central Anatolia, ŞebinkarahisarIn 1933, the districts of Susehri, Akıncılar, Gölova and Koyulhisar are located in the Eastern Black Sea Region and the cultural area. The districts of Sivas connect the Geminbeli Pass to the Susehri plains in the Black Sea. Divriği and Gürün districts are located in the Eastern Anatolia Region while Dogansar and Zara’s northern regions are located in the Black Sea Region. Sivas lands also include the cultures of Central Anatolia, Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia regions. While the folk games played in the centers of Sivas and in the surrounding provinces were performed by gırnata, zurna and Sivasa, the kemençe and zurna and horons in the districts of KaradenizIt is played. Divriği and Gürün district are located in Eastern Anatolian culture. The districts in the Central Anatolia region have culture and sivas of the Sivas central region as culture, while the remaining districts in the Black Sea region use the same terms as Giresun and Ordu.


Sivas has a hard terrestrial climate. The winters are cold and hard, there is plenty of snowfall in the winter months and the snow is covered with snow for about 4-5 months. The summers are warm arid and short, with spring and autumn rainy. Sivas is geographically the intersection of Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea regions. For this reason, the seedlings, weather hardness, temperature and precipitation rate of the seeds of Susahri, Akıncılar, Gölova, Koyulhisar and partly Northern Zara and Doğanşar in the Black Sea region are different. Giresun mountains are covered with arcs and very endemic forest areas.

According to observations made (the last 50 years observed), the coldest month is January -34.6 degrees. The hottest month is July with 38.3 degrees, the average monthly precipitation is the highest month May, the lowest month is Agustostur. The highest humidity observed in 1992 was 80.0% in December; the lowest humidity is August with 55.2%. The highest pressure in the same year is 874.1 mb in January, the lowest pressure is 868 mb in February. The winter is very cold.


Sivas has a large and large culture due to its large territory. Western Anatolian Dialects are used throughout Sivas. While the Black Sea sherds are seen in the territories remaining in the Black Sea region, the center and surrounding islands are closer to Tokat and other places. While the Black Sea mouth and culture are seen in the Eastern Black Sea regions , the steppe in Central Anatolia and the Sivas folklore unique to Sivas region seen be . The Black Sea rivers in the Yeşilırmak basin are the suburbs of Düzah, Akıncilar, Gölova, Koyulhisar, drums, zurna, horon, microklima climate and plateau regions. In Central Anatolia, Turkmen culture and also the cultures and traditions of Balkan emigrants and Caucasian migrants are seen. In this wide geography area, many local artists have also grown up. In the Black Sea regions,Tulum masters, the traditions of saz and love in the provinces of Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, and their masters.

The Surp Nişan Armenian Monastery, founded in the 11th century, was destroyed in the 1980s.

Kangal: 86 km from Sivas. South-east. It’s 13 km in the county. Located in the village of Kavak in the distance, Balıklı Kaplıca is a very important place in terms of health tourism with the therapeutic feature of psoriasis. Alacahan Caravanserai in the town of Alacahan, Halil Rifat Paşa Bridge and Samut Baba Kümbet in Tekke Village are worth seeing. Also in the district are Meydan Mosque, Kuşçu Village Mosque, Sheikh Ibrahim El Aziz Mosque, Demiryurt Mosque, Acisu Bridge, Şeyh Merzuban Tomb, Pir Gökçe Tomb and Demiryurt Caves. There are Oyuklu Höyüğü, Lafçılar Ağlı Höyüğü, Kültepe and Tepecik Höyüks in the district borders.

Koyulhisar: 180 km from Sivas. away. Eğrincimen, Kengercik, Arpacik, Sarıçiçek yayları are natural beauty places. Important historical works; Lower Kale (Kale-i Zir), Upper Kale (Kale-i Bala), Fatih Mosque, Hacı Murat Hanı. Gökmedrese , Çifte Minareli Medrese , Şifaya Medresesi , Buruciye Madrasa , Ulu Cami are the most important Seljuk period works in the city. The traces of the fire in the Medal of Healing are protected as vivid evidence of the great destruction and persecution Timurlenk , who came from Central Asia and seized Anatolia, made a sudden raid with 180,000 armies and fillings and took the 4,000-strong Ottoman army off guard.

Sivas-Yozgat province border.

During the Ottoman period, it became a Regional State. According to the decision taken in 1516 Sivas; Kayseri , Tokat , Amasya , Yozgat , Corum , Kastamonu , Erzincan , Darende and Arapkir districts.

The world famous kangal dog is grown in the Kangal district of Sivas [19] . The Kangal dog has one of the most genetically perfect combinations and has traitability at a high level.


In the provincial economy, the agriculture and industry sectors are at the top. The sectors of trade are followed by the trade transportation and communication sectors. Especially iron and steel industry based on locomotive sector. One of the most important energy sources in Turkey Kangal Thermal Power Plant is in Sivas. In addition, there is Sızır Hydroelectric Power Plant in Gemerek county. Sivas, Turkey ‘s largest lignite pit is located.

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