Turkey-Serbia Political Relations

Political Relations:

Our country sees Serbia as important for the stability of the region and supports EU integration.

President Tomislav Nikolic, who replaced Boris Tadic in May 2012, visited his country twice during the same year, one for holiday and the other for the BSEC Summit, and between 4 to 5 February 2013, was found in a bilateral official visit to Turkey. May 2013 to the third Turkey-Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina have visited our country again with the Trilateral Summit Meeting on the occasion.

Serbian National Assembly President Maja Gojkovic visited our country on 13-14 April 2015.

Prime Minister visited Serbia on 28-29 December 2015, at the invitation of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučic. Visit with the participation of businessmen from the two countries within the scope of Turkey-Serbia Business Forum was held.

Economic Relations

Our main export products are: textile, industrial machinery, road vehicles, iron and steel, metal products, electrical appliances, agricultural products. Our main import products are iron and steel, textile fibres, plastics and products, leather, leather, raw hides, rubber and products, vitamins, hormones, medicines, vegetables-fruits, cereals.

Serbia-Turkey Free Trade Agreement entered into force on 1 September 2010.

Mutual Investments

In the bilateral economic relations where the trade dimension has come to the fore, it is seen that the potential in contracting services and investments cannot be adequately assessed. More than 50 Turkish companies are operating in Serbia, and the total amount of Turkish investments is $113 million. 5 pieces Serbian companies in our country has shown signs of activity, the amount of Serbian investment in Turkey is approximately $36 million.

HalkBank “Çaçanska Bank” bought a 76.75 percent stake on 20 March 2015.

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