Turkey – Saudi Arabia Political Relations

Our friendship and brotherhood with Saudi Arabia, where our deeply rooted historical and cultural ties are found, are at an excellent level on the basis of mutual respect and common interests. As two important countries of our region and the Islamic world, Turkey and Saudi Arabia is engaged in close cooperation in ensuring regional peace and stability. The two countries share a common willingness to further deepen their relationship in each area.

As a reflection of this common interest, mutual high-level visits have gained momentum recently.

During our visit to Saudi Arabia, which was held by the President of Turkey on 29-31 December 2015, a concerted agreement was reached on the establishment of a high-level cooperation and dialogue mechanism between our country and Saudi Arabia in order to deepen and diversify our relations. In this context, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed on the establishment of a mechanism under the chairmanship of the Foreign Ministers under the name of the “Turkish-Saudi Coordination Council” during the official visit of the King of Saudi Arabia, Selman, to Turkey on 11-14 April 2016. The first meeting of the Turkish-Saudi Coordination Council was held on 8 February 2017 in Ankara under the presidency of the Foreign Ministers. The establishment of the “Turkish-Saudi Coordination Council” has been an important step towards the institutionalization of our existing multi-dimensional relations with Saudi Arabia and the further development of each field. Mr. President’s official visit to Riyadh on 13-14 February 2017 has strengthened the momentum in our relations with this country.

Prime Minister also visited Saudi Arabia on 27-28 December 2017. In this visit, Mr. Prime Minister of Turkey was accepted by King Selman of Saudi Arabia and met with Crown Prince Muhammad bin Selman.

There is also close cooperation with Saudi Arabia in multilateral platforms. Cooperation within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council established by the Islamic Cooperation Organization, in which the two countries are active members, and the High Level Strategic Dialogue Mechanism of our country in 2008, stands out in this framework.

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