Turkey- Romania Political Relations

There are strong political, economic, cultural and human ties between our country and Romania, rooted in history. The relations between Turkey and Romania are carried out in close dialogue and friendly relations that exist in the upper level.

Our strategic partnership document, which was signed in December 2011, has been upgraded to a strategic partnership level in the framework of mutual will to move our relations further in each area. The Action Plan for passing the allegation of the Strategic Partnership Certificate was signed in March 2013.

Our close political dialogue and friendly relations are also reflected in our mutual high-level visitation traffic. Mr President of Turkey Mrs. Volkan Bozkır, Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator, made official visits to Romania in February 2016.

Article 6 of the Romanian Constitution entitles national minorities to be able to learn their own tongues and religions within the framework of the law, as well as to express and protect their language, religion, culture and ethnicity, and to be educated in their mother tongue.

Approximately seventy thousand people living in Romania also benefit from the constitutional rights granted to them through their associations, such as the 16 other officially recognized minorities. Minority associations in Romania are recognized as a political party, and each minority is represented in the Romanian Parliament according to the determined influence. Turkish and Tatar Turks have several representatives in the Parliament.

Major export products: textiles, iron and steel, motor vehicles, power-generating machinery and equipment. Major import products are: metal ores, iron and steel, crude oil products, motor vehicles.

Romania and Turkey in the Balkans are co biggest trade of each other. Textiles, iron and steel, motor vehicles, power generating machinery and equipment, metal ores, iron and steel, crude oil products, motor vehicles Balkans, Turkey and Romania are the largest trading partners of each other.

In 2015, the total bilateral trade volume was $ 5.4 billion, including $ 2.8 billion in exports to Romania and $ 2.6 billion in imports from Romania. This corresponds to a 15% decrease in our bilateral trade volume compared to 2014.

Turkish investments in Romania, together with those coming from third countries, totalled $6 billion. Currently, around 7,000 Turkish firms are active in Romania. In Romania, two Turkish banks (Credit Europe and Garanti Bank) with many branches operate.

Up to now, about 90 projects of Turkish contractors have been realized in Romania, amounting to US $ 6.2 billion.

In 2015, 441 thousand Romanian tourists visited our country.

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