Rize is one the hub cities in the Black Sea region and famous for his known tea. If you are not eligible for a Turkey eVisa then you must visit the embassy to obtain a Turkish embassy visa. Unlike the Turkey eVisa application which is done online, Turkish embassy visa can only be given at the respective Turkish embassy.


Rize, Turkey’s northeast and located in the Black Sea ‘ to a province with coast. In the Black Sea Region , Rize is located in Trabzon in the west , Artvin in the east , Bayburt in the south, and Erzurum in the south . Turkey ‘s is the wettest province. The most important product in tea is Rize, kiwi fruit juice has also started to grow. But since kiwi production is not much, only the city meets its own needs.

Summer is warm in Rize . Autumn and winter seasons are rainy. Rize, located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, shows the most prominent characteristic features of the region. It is distinguished from the other regions of Anatolia by its geographical structure as well as its cultural structure. Steep valleys , mountains, glacial lakes, emerald green plateaus , arch bridges , castles with flowing streams and exuberant tourist resort is.

During the Ottoman era , it has maintained its importance as a port , suburb and accident center. 1640 In coming here Evliya Celebi , Rize was mentioned as follows: “Trabzon connected to the sea garden is a beautiful place on the coast.” During the Ottoman period , rebellions such as Batum Castle guard Tuzcuoğlu Memiş Ağa (1814-1817) and the revolt of the Trabzon Ages ( 1835 ) were rebelled and suppressed. Rize is a major accident center in the 19th century. With the Treaty of Berlin (1878), Batumi, the center of the Lazian shack, was left to Russia and Rize became the center of the sancagan of Trabzon Province.


We have limited information about the history of Rize. Archaeological finds to shed light on the history of Rize due to the forest texture dominated by the locality have not been revealed until this day. The history of Rize could only be handled in connection with the history of neighboring countries and regions. Different views have been put forward regarding the name of Rize; Rhisos, meaning Greek rice, was used in Greek meaning “mountain” as “consent”. In Ottoman, “Rize” means small crumb, rash. It is also stated that Erzincan was used for Rize as a name with the fall of the voice “e” at the beginning of the name of “Eriza” in the Sakalar period.


In Rize, the summers are cool and mild, the winters are cold and the climate is rainy all the time. According to observations made over fifty years, Rize’s annual temperature average was found to be slightly higher than 14 ° C. The lowest temperature recorded during this time is -7 ° C and the highest temperature is 38 ° C. The coldest month of January is the temperature average of 6.7 ° C, the warmest month of July is the temperature average of 22.2 ° C. The annual temperature oscillation at Rize, which is at least -5.6 ° C in January and 32.5 ° C in July, is 25.8 ° C. As a result, Rize is characteristic of marine climates.


Turkey has highway connections from all over the Rize. Transportation in Rize, which is located on the coast of Eastern Black Sea coast, is provided by road. The harbor connection is used purely for industrial purposes. There is no civil transportation by sea except for sightseeing purposes. Railway network and air port are not available in the city. Transportation by air is provided from Trabzon airport, which is the closest province to Rize. In addition, the construction of Rize-Artvin Airport between Pazar-Çayeli continues. It is planned to be completed in 2022. “Rize-Artvin Airport” . nationality. Archived from source on August 31, 2017 . Accessed: August 31, 2017 . As a result of the developments experienced in civil aviation sector, the transportation connection with the big cities where the city has emigrated has shifted from air transportation to road transportation.

It is linked to Trabzon with 76 km in the west, to Erzurum with 251 km in the south, to Artvin in the east by 159 km and to the Sarp Border Gate by 109 km in the east. It is the port of Rize which is the most suitable topographic location to develop in the eastern Black Sea ports. The port is connected to the highway lines by its location; Trabzon, Hopa, Russia ports and the Iranian connection via İkizdere-Erzurum is the shortest transit road center of the Black Sea Region


2017-2018 At the end of the season, football team Çaykur Rizespor , the super league has risen. The 3rd Division Pazarspor ‘s as well as BAL ‘ 2, remained in women’s football league first team in the league. Men’s volleyball 1st place was Fındıklıspor group 5th. Volleyball Women’s 2nd League, Sunday Kaçkar Health College and Çaykur Rizespor’da regional ligature from the Hazelnut Tennis Nature and Water Sports team also participated. The Ardeşen Youth and Sports Club women’s team in the super league of handball has finished fifth in league. Pazarspor handball women’s team was in the 5th place in the 1st League and Güneysuspor men’s team was in the 1st place. Rize GSK is also in the second hand of men’s handball.

Ardeşen Youth and Sports Club has been eliminated in Handball Challenge Cup Women in the last 16 of 2016-17. In the 2017-18 season, it started in the third round of the same cup and joined the semifinals and became the 3rd European .

Ziraat Turkey Cup in 3rd Division Team Pazarspor Rize, Bayburt Group Administration was eliminated in 2nd round, 3rd round in Sanliurfa were screened Sports. Çaykur Rizespor, Nevşehir Youth Sports, 3rd round, Eliminated Kahramanmaraşspor’da 4th.

Important sports facilities: Çaykur Didi Stadium (15.332), Yenisehir Sports Hall (3.000), Rize Olympic Swimming Pool (1.000).

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