Portugal-Turkey Relations

Our political relations with Portugal date back to 1843, when the “Friendship, Trade and Navigation Agreement” was signed. In 1931 our country appointed Portugal and in 1941 Portugal appointed an ambassador.

Turkey-Portugal friendly political relations and is followed by a smooth cruise. Trans-Atlantic relations, NATO membership, European countries and two Mediterranean identity of the two ends of bilateral relations in such cases is to take place in Turkey and Portugal in combining common denominator is positive reflections. Sampaio, the former President of Portugal, Turkey’s co-chairman of Civilizations that it is the first UN High Representative for the Alliance (resigned in January 2013) has been another factor that bring the two countries.

Portugal is positively approaching the EU membership of our country. Since 2012, 16 agreements have been signed between our country and Portugal in various fields such as political, economic, military / defence, culture and diplomacy. Portuguese Prime Minister Passos Coelho period 17-19 December 2012 in the framework of his visit to our country signed document entitled “Strategy for Strengthening of Bilateral Relations between Portugal and Turkey” was established by the Intergovernmental Summit mechanism between the two countries. The first Summit in this framework was held in Lisbon on March 3, 2015, with the participation of the Prime Ministers of the two countries and with the participation of some Ministers.

Our country was accepted as a Common Observer to the Organization, which was mentioned in the Summit Meeting of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Group (CPLP) held in Dili, capital of East Timor on July 23, 2014. CPLP members are Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde (Green Cape), Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea Bissau, East Timor and Equatorial Ginesi.

Economic relations between the two countries are developing. Portugal-Turkey Joint Economic and Trade Committee II. The meeting was held in Lisbon on March 8, 2018 under the chairmanship of the Minister for Economic Affairs Nihat Zeybekci and Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva. In 2017, our bilateral trade volume increased by 14.2% to $ 1.496 million compared to the previous year. Exports to Portugal rose by 24.6% to $ 811.4 million while imports from Portugal increased by 4% to $ 684.3 million. In foreign trade for Portugal, foreign trade amount of 127 million Dollars was given in favour of our country. Imports from our country during the mentioned period were realized above Portugal’s general import increase (12.5%) with an increase of 25.4%. According to TURKSTAT data, in 2017 Portugal will have 0%

In Portugal, automotive industry products, ready-to-wear textile products (especially cotton yarn, cotton fabrics and artificial and synthetic fibres, filaments) come to the forefront. In parallel with the positive developments observed in the construction sector in the recent period, revival in our export of iron and steel products attracts attention. Plastics and chemical products, machines, devices and accessories, white goods, electrical machinery and devices and paper and cardboard products are important items of our export. It is observed that our export of fresh or chilled fish to Portugal has also increased in recent years.

Our imports from Portugal include paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard based products and wood clay, electrical machinery and devices, accessories and parts, plastic products, road vehicles and parts, machinery and equipment, accessories and parts, knitted clothing products, shoes come to the fore.

Portugal has increased in recent years in the number of firms operating in Turkey. Portugal, which is active in various sectors such as information technology and telecommunication, electronics, work machines, machinery and equipment, ceramics, garments and footwear, shopping mall, paper and forest products, engineering and consultancy, renewable energy, waste storage, there are companies with capital. It is observed that the companies of our country have also increased in recent years in relation to Portugal. We have companies operating in Portugal in port operations, mining, tourism and hotel, real estate, maritime transport, white goods, pharmaceuticals, jewellery and agro-food.

THY has flights to Lisbon and Porto.In 2017, our country visited 26,727 Portuguese tourists. According to Portugal sources, the number of Turkish visitors staying in Portugal is 34.321 with an increase of 10.4%

We have 564 citizens registered at the Embassy Consular Branch.

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