Turkey – Palestinian Political Relations

Turkey, a common history and has close cultural and social relations with the Palestinian people goes back centuries. Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since 1975 with Turkey maintaining official relations, on 15 November 1988 in exile declared Palestinian state was among the first countries to recognize the day.

Our country will be formed on the basis of the boundaries of East Jerusalem, 1967, and the vision of a two-state solution to be established along the road map and the Arab Peace Initiative within the boundaries of the relevant UN resolutions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (242, 338, 1397 and 1515) independent and dominant Palestinian state.

Our country is beside the Palestinian leadership’s efforts to be recognized as a state in the international arena in the face of practices that put the vision of a two-state solution like the congestion in the peace process and the illegal settlements of Israel in jeopardy. In this context, our country strongly supported Palestine’s membership application to the United Nations in September 2011, as well as the status of “non-member observer state” on November 29, 2012, at the United Nations General Assembly. Mrs. Foreign Minister, during the voting, personally participated in the session and made a speech advocating Palestinian appeal.

Our country, the Fatah and Hamas delegations welcomed the agreement, which was reached in Gaza on April 23, 2014 and constituted a national unity government, and on the basis of this agreement supported the national unity government established on 2 June 2014 and the international community supported the unification of the national democratic will of the Palestinian people has invited the target to support this development.

Turkey, on the basis of two-state solution to support the vision of a just and lasting peace in the region, the fight to have an independent and sovereign state brothers will continue to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Top visits:

Palestinian President Abbas made an official visit to my country on 12-13 January 2015 and also participated in the 13th Islamic Summit held in Istanbul on April 14-15, 2016 and met with the President of the Republic of Turkey and Prime Minister. President Abbas also attended the World Humanitarian Summit on 23-24 May 2016.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki visited our country on 11-12 August 2016 to demonstrate the solidarity of the Palestinian people and the State with the Nationalist and the State in the face of the terrorist coup attempt. Foreign Minister Malki also attended the 13th Islamic Summit held in Istanbul on April 14-15, 2016 and met with our minister on this occasion.

Our Development Assistance:

Official development assistance to Turkey are carried out mainly by the Palestinian Head of TIKA opened a Program Coordination Office in Ramallah in 2005. The TİKA Ramallah Office provides support for small and medium-scale development and humanitarian projects in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. TIKA has recently opened an office in Gaza City to assist in the execution of the projects in the Gaza Strip. The Turkish Red Crescent, which opened a Delegation Office in Jerusalem and Gaza in 2009, also carries out successful development and humanitarian aid projects for the Gaza Strip, with its own resources, funds provided by our country, foreign donor contributions. The activities of TİKA and the Turkish Red Crescent are more important than those of health, agriculture, technical assistance, protection of cultural heritage, school and hospital construction and police education. Although AFAD is not an office in the region, it continues its activities through UNRWA.

The official development assistance to Palestine from 2006 to 2015 is approximately US $375 million. Our country has pledged $200 million in aid to Palestine for 2014-2017 in the “Restructuring of Gaza and the Palestinian Conference” in Cairo on 12 October 2014. In this context, the sum of aid to Palestine for the years 2014-2015 was approximately US $ 100 million.

TIKA, Tubas Turkish Hospital and Nablus Girls’ School were constructed in the West Bank.

Developments in reconciliation context:

June 26th, 2016 days it reached agreement with Israel regarding the Blue Marmara incident in addition to apologized in March 2013 to pay compensation to the families of those who lost their lives in the attack and for the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip have agreed to develop cooperation with Turkey.

As a matter of fact, with this agreement, in particular access to civilian materials, including humanitarian assistance, was obtained at Gaza, and substantial infrastructure investments were made possible to improve the human condition. In this frame, 11 thousand tons of relief supplies from Gaza that we will send to Gaza have reached to Gaza on 4 July, in coordination with our related institutions.

Energy and Natural Resources A technical delegation from our Ministry visited Gaza on 10-12 July to discuss the situation of the electricity infrastructure in Gaza and the contributions that our country could make and contacts.

In addition, the construction is completed Turkey-Palestine Friendship Hospital in Gaza has been agreed upon to be ready for service as soon as possible.

Likewise, other projects for the reconstruction of Gaza will now be able to be carried out quickly.

It is, of course, easier to imagine that comprehensive projects such as the Jenin Industrial Zone, which we have envisaged for the West Bank in addition to Gaza, are also alive.

Turkey, passing a resolution in the coming period in the life of the Palestinian issue and the peace process, will continue its principled and constructive attitude, the Palestinian cause will continue to give strong support in every field.

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