Norway-Turkey Relations

Turkey and Norway, the 1926 establishment of diplomatic relations that have been in friendly relations since then. Despite their lack of membership, the two countries in close co-operation with the EU share similar views and concerns about various international and regional issues as NATO wing states. Norway, following an active foreign policy on the international scene and playing an active role in peace-mediating activities, attaches importance to the views of our country on regional and international issues and their cooperation in these fields.

Our relations with Norway have gained a new dimension with the “Strategy Document for the Development of Bilateral Relations” signed in 2008. A first visit by the Norwegian King V. Harald to my country on 4-9 November 2013, the first President / King-level visit, also accelerated our relations. The former Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende visited our country five times and Minister Brende’s visit was made to Ankara on September 9, 2016 in order to show solidarity with our country following the July 15 coup attempt.

Our bilateral trade with Norway was $ 1.1 billion in 2016, up 6.7% from the previous year. Our bilateral trade volume increased by 17% in January-November 2017 period compared to the same period of previous year and reached 1,228 billion Dollars.

Our country exports Norwegian transportation vehicles, ready-made clothing, electrical machinery and tools, fruit and vegetables, textile products, fabric and yarn, non-metallic minerals, metals and products including ships and roads, mineral fuels and oils, fish and shellfish, non-ferrous metals and unprocessed plastics.

The number of companies with Norwegian capital operating in our country is 242 and the number of liaison offices is 2. Norwegian investments in our country seem to focus more on energy and shipping areas. The investments made by Norwegian companies to my country during the period 2002-2017 have been 647 million dollars. In the same period, our country invested in Norway for 190 million USD.

The number of Norwegian tourists who visited our country in 2016 was 156,215 people. The number of Norwegian tourists visiting our country during January-November 2017 period was 111,228.

The Turkish community living in Norway is about 20,000 people.

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