Nevsehir is also known as Neapolis and is located in the Anatolia region. When UK citizens applying for visa Turkey UK they must use the online application portal. The application form for visa Turkey UK can be found on our website under the apply tab.

The Turks, who have not been able to go further than being a village since ancient times, called the Turks “Muşkara”. İbrâhim Pasha, who was raised from this village and made a sultana dâmâd, expanded and rebuilt this village by making many works. “Nevşehir” which means “new city” has taken its name. Today, the region is a beautiful place with beautiful rock churches, natural beauties, valleys and underground cities It is an open air museum. The famous Turkish thinker Haci Bektash-i Veli and Damat Ibrahim Pasha, who was one of the famous grand viziers of the Ottoman era, lived in this region and contributed greatly to the positive development of culture and tourism movements. Nevşehir has a typical continental climate feature that is hot and arid in summers and cold and rainy in winters.


A small number of prehistoric investigations in the area have identified settlements dating to the Neolithic (7,000 BC) period. The city, which was under the rule of the Hittite Kingdom in BC 1600 BC, Migration tribes in the 12th century, The attacks of Kimmer and Scythians were experienced in the century. Nevşehir, BC Assyria and BC in 680 – 610 BC After Med domination in 610-550, he entered the Persian administration and took part in the Kappadokia Satrap. In 323 BC he founded the independent kingdom of Kappadokia from Persian nobility I. Ariarathes. After Nevşehir who joined the Roman Empire in 17th century, Persians, Sassanis then entered the administration of the Anatolian Seljuk State. In 1097, the Crusaders passed the hand of the Crusaders. Later, Ilhanli and the Karamanoğulları in 1398 dominated the region. Bayezit added Nevşehir to the Ottoman lands. In 1420, after the defeat of Bayezit in Timur, the area was ruled by the Karamanoğulları government and it became definite Ottoman sovereignty in 1466. It also became a province in 1954.


Nevşehir province is located on a very wide plateau formed by the accumulation of ash and lava of old volcanoes such as Erciyes, Melendiz and Hasan mountains in Central Anatolia. This plateau, the longest river in the country, Kızılırmak, east-west direction in the depth of. In addition, this area has been frequently shattered by the deep valleys opened by the sidewalks of the Kızılırmak river from the north and south. The city center is located on the western slopes of these large and high plains called Kızılırmak platosum. The districts of Nevşehir province; Acıgöl, Avanos, Derinkuyu, Gülşehir, Hacıbektaş, Kozaklı and Ürgüp.

​Places to Visit

Gülşehir:20 km to Nevsehir. away. The mosque built by Ottoman Grand Vizier Karavezir Mehmet Seyyid Pasha; mosque, madrasah and fountain. St. Jean Church in the district and Sivasa Gökçetoprak underground city are worth seeing.

Kozaklı: Kozaklı, located about 100 km north of Nevşehir, has an important place in terms of health tourism. Kozaklı bathers are sodium, calcium, chlorinated according to the classification of West German bathers Association, and groups A and C are in healing waters. It has been observed that successful results in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, calcifications, skin diseases, chronic inflammatory gynecological diseases, arteriosclerosis and fungal diseases have been observed.

Acıgöl:Located on the Aksaray-Nevşehir road and about 20 km away from Nevsehir. the oldest settlement that can be found in Acıgöl. VIII. belong to the century. On the rock monument written in the Hittite hieroglyph of the Upper Hittite Period near Ağlı village, the political situation of the region and the actions of the leader are included.

Derinkuyu: Derinkuyu which is former name Melegobia on Nevşehir-Niğde highway is 29 km to Nevşehir. away. It is called “Derinkuyu” because it is provided with drainage water from 60-70 m deep wells. There is a subterranean city 85 m deep in the river. This underground city has all the features found in an underground city.


Urgup, 20 km east of Nevşehir, is the most important center of the Cappadocia Region. As in Göreme, he has had many names in the historical process. In the Byzantine Period Osiana (Assiana), Hagios Prokopios; Başhisar in the Seljuk period; Burgut Castle in the time of the Ottomans; It is also known as Ürgüp since the first years of the Republic.

Avanos The

ancient name of Avanos, which is 18 km north of Nevsehir, is Venessa. The ceramics tradition has been going on since the Hittites in the county where there are many pottery workshops. The red soil and milden produced by Kızılırmak, the ceramic mud, is shaped by the Avanos ceramic artists.


Hacı Bektaş, which is 45 km away from Nevşehir-Kırşehir road on Nevşehir, is the result of excavations at the district center and exhibits of the works belonging to the Early Bronze Age, Hittite, Phrygian, Hellenistic and Roman Periods are exhibited at Hacıbektaş Archeology Museum. Karaburna rock monument written in Hittite hierophy which belongs to the Late Hittite Period as it is in Topada and Sivasa near the village.

​Balloon Travel

Tours with balloons that are becoming one of the icons of Cappadocia are the most effective way to see the unique beauty of the region. The balloon tour, which takes about 15 minutes to soak in the sky, takes you to the farthest reaches of Cappadocia civilization and natural beauty on foot.


Molasses made from local grapes, Avanos pottery kebab, Acigol’s zucchini dessert, Lemon and grapefruits stored in Ortahisar’s caves and Ortahisar’s delicious apricots must be tasted.

What to buy?

Pottery work pottery, leather goods, carpet, onyx stone ornaments can be bought from the region.

Without visiting

Nevsehir rock churches, visiting the

Hacıbektaş Museum where the examples of the Turkish-Islamic arts are exhibited , without seeing the Byzantine wall frescoes, visiting the Hittite rock inscription in Acıgöl

without seeing Damat İbrahim Paşa Mosque and Kulliyesi in Nevşehir’s center , onyx stone ornaments, leather works without buying souvenirs,

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