Turkey – Mozambique Political Relations

Bilateral relations between Turkey who have remained limited for many years and Mozambique, Africa Partnership Policy is gaining momentum as a result of the steps we have taken in the framework. In this context, the fact that we opened Embassy in Maputo in March 2011 constituted an important step towards the development of relations between the two countries.

The Embassy of Rome in Mozambique is accredited to my country.

In order to establish the legal basis of the relations between the two countries, efforts are being made to sign agreements in each area, especially in the economic field. Air Transportation Agreement with Mozambique has been signed to date.

There is great potential for the development of economic cooperation with Mozambique, which is extremely rich in natural resources. Our company is close to 40 and we have a close investment of 200 million Dollars. Especially, the number of Turkish companies operating in the construction sector is increasing day by day.

Our trade volume with Mozambique is also increasing. USD 29 million in 2008, the trade volume between the two countries in 2015 reached 116 million dollars (Turkey’s exports: 43.8 USD; Turkey imports: 72.3 USD).

Turkey Mozambique, coal tar, crude oil products, essential oils, electric machines, are exported iron and steel, sesame this country is importing tobacco and anthracite.

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