Turkey – Montenegro Political Relations

Turkey recognized Montenegro on June 12, 2006 (7th country), and on July 3, 2006 established diplomatic relations between the two countries. Among the first countries to recognize Montenegro, Turkey, which is given to the importance of peace and stability in the Balkans, the region contributing to peace and stability in Montenegro in a friendly country, serves as an excellent level of our relations.

Turkey, which is a priority foreign policy goal of integration into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions is to support Montenegro’s efforts in this direction. Montenegro is also close to my country and shows solidarity with our country on regional and international platforms. High level contacts and visits between the two countries are being carried out intensively and successfully.

Another important element of the relations between Turkey and Montenegro, Bosnians make up 19 percent of Montenegro’s population is the presence of Montenegrin and Albanian Muslims. The existence of kin communities migrating from Montenegro to my country at various dates is a separate potential and incentive for our bilateral relations.

Economic Relations

Our main export products are: machinery and equipment, road vehicles, textile products and accessories machinery and equipment, road vehicles, textile products and accessories. Our main import products: metal ores, iron and steel, scrap metal, leather, leather and raw post.

The Economic Cooperation Agreement, signed in 2009, constitutes the moral framework of our economic and commercial relations. In addition, the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed on November 26, 2008 in Istanbul and entered into force on 1 March 2010, nullified the customs duty rates applied to Montenegro industrial goods originating in Turkey.

The country’s natural resources, low tax rates, qualified labour force and proximity to the European market constitute favourable conditions for investment. The total investment of 5 Turkish companies operating in Montenegro is $ 26 million.

At the beginning of the most important investments in Montenegro in 2015, Ziraat Bank was in operation in July. The Istanbul Stock Exchange, in 2014, shares the share of the Montenegrin Stock Exchange with approximately 25%.

Cultural Relations

We attach great importance to the links between Montenegro and our country in the fields of education and culture. Since its establishment in 2007, TIKA has been active in Montenegro and has undertaken various social investments and infrastructure projects in Montenegro and strives for the cultural heritage.

Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre started its activities in Podgorica in 2014 and organizes artistic / cultural activities to contribute to the promotion of our country; She regularly teaches Turkish.

In addition, a Turkish course was opened in the Faculty of Philosophy of Nikšić, affiliated to the University of Montenegro. In addition, studies have been initiated to establish a Turkology department within the University of Montenegro and to co-operate with the State Archives of the two countries.

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