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Mersin , formerly Icel , Turkey ‘s tenth most populous province and a city. By 2016, it has a population of 1,773,852. There are a total of 13 districts including Akdeniz , Aydıncık , Bozyazı , Mezitli , Yenisehir , Toroslar , Anamur , Silifke , Tarsus , Çamlıyayla , Erdemli , Gülnar and Mut districts . [one]Metropolitan Municipality status is available. It is a port city in the south of Turkey. Mersin Port is the largest port in Turkey. [2nd]

Many layers were unearthed in the excavations made at the Yumuktepe mound in the north of the city. The oldest of them is dated to 6300 BC and the newest to the Seljuk period. The excavated artifacts are exhibited at the Adana Archeology Museum and the Mersin Museum. Mersin’s appearance on the stage of history came in the mid-19th century. The region, which is still a village in this period, has been home to a migrant Turkmen tribe and has received its name from this tribe. In addition, the Greeks from the Cappadocia region dominated the city population, and in 1850 1,650 Muslims were living in the city, equivalent to 5,250 Orthodox Greeks. The destiny of the city, especially the American Civil Warcotton production in Cukurova in order to get rid of the cotton shortage in the world and the connection of the region to the railway network in 1866. During this period, Mersin rapidly became a port and trade center where agricultural products of Çukurova were exported. Even if the city is in its present state and it is a minority at this moment, the importance of the Christian Levantines can not be denied. In the city there are still two cathedrals of the Levantine , the Latin-Italian Cathedral and the Arab-Orthodox Cathedral. It is also on the agenda to build a church for the Greeks in the northern part of the city.


The earliest known name of the Mersin region is Kizzuvatna and this name was Kue in the Hittite period and Cilicia in the classical period . [3] Excavations and investigations in this area revealed that the first settlement traces were seen in the Polished Stone Age and Copper Age . Gözlükule Höyüğü and Yumuktepeexcavation researches also showed that the area was a very important center in history. As a matter of fact, Gözlükule consists of 33 layers from Islamic civilizations to New Stone Age. The emergence of earth-plastered grounds in the first layers of the farmers and shepherd society and the various agricultural tools and pottery recovered in the upper layers demonstrate the development of the production economy and social consciousness. History of the Hittite, Assyrian, and Babylonian kingdoms dominated by local kingdoms and their cultures such as Hurri , Luvi , Arzava , and Kizzuvatna , written up to the 6th century BC . [3]

III. Alacahöyük type bronze dagger and Hittite structure remnants are important documents of the Hittite presence in the region. After a period of Hittite rule, the area was later occupied by the King of Assyria III. In 528 BC Selomossa passed the Persians. [3] BC 527’de Greeks and Cyprus, BC 334’da Mersin’e Macedons have seized.

Quickly implemented as GAP, Atas Refinery and owned large hinterland thanks to Mersin Port , it has the distinction of being Turkey’s largest port. Eight of the 27 scaffolds in the harbor are connected to each other by a rail system. The capacity of Mersin Port, which has been renewed since the 1991 Gulf War, has been increased by 10% every year for the last three years.

Considering the importance of the city from a business standpoint, Turkey’s nineteen from the free zones first and established on an area of 836 000 square meters of Mersin Free Zone, mainly textile firms is home to approximately 432 companies. In addition, on Mersin-Adana highway, there are many important factories operating in sectors such as glass, soda, fertilizer, textile, fruit juice. Turkey’s highest skyscraper of the third (Mert Tower: 177 meters) located in Mersin State Opera and Ballet ‘3 is the city where it is located.

Mersin was awarded with the title of ” metropolis” by the decree numbered 504 enacted on September 2, 1993 [4] . In June 2002, the name of Icel Icel was changed to Mersin. [5] [6] [7] With the law number 5216 issued in 2004, the borders of the metropolitan municipality were enlarged to the borders of the province with a radius of 30 km. [8] with Law No. 6360 issued in 2012, 2014 Turkey’s local elections, then the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities was provincial territorial boundaries.


​Mersin and its surroundings are dominated by typical warm and temperate sub-tropical climate. The summer months are very warm and rainy (average annual rainfall is 1096 mm), hot and extremely humid, average (28 ° C humidity is 88% and winter is 16 ° C). Unlike environmental illusions, extreme temperatures are rarely encountered in Mersin (very high temperatures or values ​​below zero).

If for many years the average temperature of the province is 22 ° C and this feature of Turkey ‘s and Europe ‘ s is the hottest segment.

However, especially during the summer, excessive humidity can be overwhelming. The province receives the maximum rainfall during December-January period. During the flood disaster in 2001, 669 kg of rainfall per square meter fell within 2 days.


Mersin Port is the mainstay of the economy and is in Turkey’s gateway to the world.

The factories and trade firms in Eastern Anatolia, Western Mediterranean and Central Anatolia import and export through Mersin.

Mersin Free Zone, Turkey’s second largest Free Trade Zone was established here and is home to 433 companies. The operator is MESBAŞ. Nearly 150 companies operate in Mersin-Tarsus Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.

The number of business centers in Mersin, the number of shipping and customs firms is the percentage of this. The Mersin Free Zone also has an important place in Mersin and country trade with similar features.

Shopping centers, which are indispensable for everyday life, increase their investments in Mersin. In 2009, the best selected Forum Shopping Mall in Europe, Marinavista, Beymen Mall, PalmCity and Kipa Outlet Avm, Soli Center, Mersin Marina Avm, Tarsu Avm and so on. The trade centers are proliferating in Mersin. Forum Mersin Shopping and Life Center, built by Multi Turkmall in 2009, was chosen as the best shopping mall in Europe by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), Europe’s largest retail organization.

80% of the male population and 69% of the female population are employed. The unemployed population is around 7%.

Quickly implemented as GAP, Atas Refinery and its wide hinterland owned Mersin International Port is Turkey’s most important and busiest port. [ citation needed ]

It is Turkey’s most important domestic tourism center. In recent years, made the appointments made in tourism and beachfront hotel with the new way of Turkey is not a new tourism zone. In order to develop the yacht tourism, 500 yacht mooring and 300 yacht mooring capacity Mersin Main Yacht Harbor in compliance with the international standards have been completed and the yacht has been released. Mersin is a geographically logistic center city. Mersin is an important point in the existing port, railway transportation as well as road transportation. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, International Transporters Association and Mersin Governorate in partnership with Mersin Logistics Center is about to complete the work to establish. Import and export of companies in Eastern Anatolia, Western Mediterranean and Central AnatoliaIt is done via Mersin. The number of business centers in Mersin, the number of shipping and customs firms is the percentage of this. The Mersin Free Zone also has an important place in Mersin and country trade with similar features. When done in Turkey’s tallest building has 52 floors and is located Metropol Trade Center Mediterranean town

Shopping centers are increasing their investments in Mersin. In 2009, Europe’s best selected Forum Shopping Center, Marinavista, Beymen Mall, Carrefour and Kipa Outlet etc. The trade centers are proliferating in Mersin. In addition, Media Markt and Vatan Computer provide competition with cheap information materials.

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