Malawi-Turkey Relations

The establishment of diplomatic relations with Malawi, which declared its independence on July 6, 1964, was decided on 5 July 1969 at the Council of Ministers. The Nairobi Embassy opened on March 30, 1968 was accredited by Malawi and the Nairobi Ambassador of the time Sadun Terem presented his credentials to the President of Malawi on 17 June 1971. Malawi has been accredited to our Embassy in Lusaka since 2011. Malawi is represented by the Berlin Embassy in Turkey.

Turkey’s Malawi on active duty Embassy decided to open our note dated July 17, 2017 Malawi side informed, Malawi was asked to consent of the Government, Minister of Foreign and said the Turkish side with the International Cooperation Department of November 29, 2017 dated note is to inform the direction of giving consent.

Relations between our country and Malawi are relatively limited and there are no political problems.

Although Malawi has made official visits to our country with the Minister of Foreign Affairs (three times at the margins of international conventions) and other ministerial level, our country has not yet visited Malawi at the level of President and Minister (present President Mutharika, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, 9-13 May 2011 4. the UN Conference on the Least developed countries and the Foreign Minister as 15 to 16 December 2011. first Turkey-Africa Ministerial Review has visited our country on the occasion of the conference).

in 2017 the volume of trade between Malawi and Turkey have been at the level of 19.8 Million US Dollars. Our country exported 2.7 million US dollars to Malawi and 17 million US dollars from Malawi.

Our country’s exports to Malawi are prominent product groups of yeast, machine parts, iron / steel tanks, aluminium bars and profiles, prefabricated structures, gas, liquid and electricity meters and trailers. Turkey has regularly imported products from Malawi is seen that tobacco and tobacco refuse.

Our country, through the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), provides various assistance to Malawi in various fields.

2017-2018 Turkey has awarded 11 Scholarships for student scholarships from Malawi. Since 1992, 63 students have benefited from Malawi Bursa Turkey. Currently, 31 Malawian students’ study in our country under Turkey Scholarships.

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