Turkey – Madagascar Political Relations

Our country wishes to improve its relations with Madagascar, which has an important economic potential in the direction of its policy of opening to Africa.

Our Embassy in Antananarivo was active on April 21, 2010. Madagascar officially announced that he wanted to open an Embassy in Ankara with a note dated 3 November 2010. Madagascar’s Embassy in Rome is accredited to my country. Madagascar has an Honorary Consulate in Istanbul.

Our bilateral trade with Madagascar was approximately US $ 60 million in 2015. Of this figure, $ 54 million is our exports. Our main export items are cereals, iron and steel, electronic devices, transportation vehicles and various manufactured goods; our main import items are vegetables, spices, leather, non-metallic minerals.

About 50 Turkish citizens live in Madagascar.

We continue to provide humanitarian and technical assistance to Madagascar through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the Ministry of Health.

Turkey within the scope of higher education scholarships are allocated to Madagascar.

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