Turkey- Republic of Macedonia relations

Major trading partners: Germany, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Russia and China.

Major export items: ferro-nickel, iron-steel, tobacco, wine, fruit, textile and ready-to-wear.

The main import items are: petroleum and derivatives, electricity, automobiles and other road vehicles.

Binary Relations

Our main export products are citrus, textile, home appliances, furniture, metal products, pharmaceuticals

Our main import products are: iron-steel, synthetic woven, brick, metal products, raw leather, scrap

With the Free Trade Agreement entered into force with Macedonia on 1 September 2000, the rates of customs duties applied in Macedonia to industrial goods originating from the country have been reset.

In 2015, total bilateral trade volume was 406 million Dollars, including 325 million Dollars exported to Macedonia and 81 million Dollars imported from Macedonia. Increasing bilateral trade volume to $1 billion has been identified as a common goal. The number of Turkish companies making direct foreign investment in Macedonia is around 100. The total value of Turkish investments in Macedonia is about $1.2 billion.

TIKA provided 650 dollars of development aid to this country with 650 projects completed to date in Macedonia.

In 2015, our country visited 167 thousand Macedonian tourists.

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