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Kirsehir , Turkey ‘s Central Anatolia region somewhere field is provincial .

Districts in 1867 , districts in 1869 , sanjak in 1870 , Avanos , Keskin and Mecidiye (Çiçekdağı) districts were connected to Kırşehir. Independent Mutasarrıflık in 1921, Avanos, Çiçekdağı, Hacıbektaş and Mucur districts were connected to Kırşehir which is a province in 1924 . In 1944, Kaman , the county, was connected to Kırşehir.

July 20, 1954 has chosen Osman Bölükbaşı again lawmaker tectonic structures districts (in Parliament about the Adnan Menderes put ‘Turkey no province in the 3 percent more votes that a party MPs chose in both choice of Kırşehir, or a social Osman Bölükbaşı also said, “You have removed the province, and you have removed us, and you are complete with your oppression.”) In the words of Osman Bölükbaşı, “You can not deny that you are showing an abnormality in terms of political structure and yes, we are open.” Nevşehir province, Kırşehir was transformed into a district connected to the province of Nevşehir; Çiçekdağı district is bound to Yozgat , Kaman to Ankara , Hacıbektaş, Mucur and Avanos to Nevşehir.

Kırşehir was re-provincialized by Adnan Menderes government on July 1, 1957, and the Çiçekdağı of Yozgat, Kaman of Ankara and Mucur of Nevşehir were included again.

According to TURKSTAT data in 2016, there are 7 districts, 10 municipalities, 67 districts and 252 villages in these municipalities


In Kırşehir, when the NAO and AO index have a positive value, the winters are relatively warm and predominantly rainy. When the AO and NAO are negative, the winters become cold and low, with precipitation mostly falling in the form of snow. [3] In the summers, there is a warm and generally dry continental climate. Although in recent years there have been increases in summer precipitation, according to Thorntwait’s climate classification, Kırşehir has a semi-arid climate feature. The annual average annual temperature is 11.3 ° C and the annual average rainfall is 415.9 kg / m².

The annual mean temperature difference between the mountainous and plains is not much. The temperature difference between the zones is between 1 ° C and 1.5 ° C. The average annual temperature in the central district is 11.3 ° C, 10.2 ° C in Kaman, 11.7 ° C in Çiçekdağı, 11.7 ° C in Mucur, 9.6 ° C in Akçakent and 9.9 ° C in Akpınar ‘dr. The temperature difference between Kırşehir and the environment is again about 1 ° C-1.5 ° C. 11.8 ° C in Ankara, 12.5 ° C in Kırıkkale, 10.5 ° C in Nevşehir and 9 ° C in Yozgat.

Here’s Things to Do in Kırşehir

If you are thinking about going to Kırşehir and wondering what to do when you go to Kırşehir, here are the things you need to do in Kırşehir. We listed the things we need to go back to before going to Kırşehir and doing it. If you wish to do this in Kırşehir, if you do not want to go there either, it is your opportunity.

The first thing that comes to mind in the name of Kırşehir is the Japanese Garden, Seyfe Lake, Ahi Evran Mosque and Tomb and Hirfanlı Dam. In addition to these, Kırşehir’s historical places, local flavors and antique cities add a special beauty to Kırşehir. The city of Central Anatolia, which is almost in the middle of our country, is a very calm and peaceful city.

Kırşehir Long Bazaar

Long Bazaar is still used despite its historical structure. Long Bazaar is under the management of tradesmen and it is a place where many crafts are made. When you go to Kırşehir, be sure to visit the Long Bazaar.

Kırşehir Cacabey Madrasah

Built in 1272, the Cacabey Medrese was built as a minaret observation house with a different architecture. Cacabey Madrasah is now used as a mosque.

Also do not forget to visit Kırşehir’s healing spas. Do not forget to look at their tastes and buy souvenirs from local souvenirs.


Kırşehir Province Population: 229.975. 81,09% of this population lives in cities (2016). [2] The area of ​​the province is 6,584 km². [4] There are 35 people in km². (This number is 84 in the central province.) The annual population growth rate is 1.96%. [2] The height of the city center from the sea is 991 m.

The population of Kırşehir is 234.529. 81.98% of this population lives in cities (end of 2017). The area of ​​the province is 6,584 km². There are 35 people in km². (This number is 84 in the center.) The annual population growth rate is 1.98%.

According to TURKSTAT data in 2018, there are 7 districts, 10 municipalities, 67 districts and 252 villages in these municipalities.

Population growth rate is highest and lowest: Central (4,18%) – Kaman (- 2,67%).


At the end of the 2016-17 season, Kırşehir Belediyespor was replaced by Kırşehir Belediyespor , the name of Yeşil Kırşehirspor who was fighting in the Regional Amateur League , and Veli Şahin was elected as the president.

At the end of 2017-2018 season, Kırşehir Belediyespor, the only team in the football leagues of Kırşehir, rose to 3rd place in the regional Amateur League (BAL). Also Ahi Evran Unv. The team finished handball 1st place in men’s 4th place. There are also 2 teams in Kırşehir’s volleyball regional leagues.

Ziraat Turkey Cup Kirsehir Belediyespor in the first round, 68 were screened Belediyespor’a Aksaray.

Major sporting facilities: Ahi Stadium (7.500), Indoor Sports Hall (1,500) and Central Indoor Swimming Pool (750).

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