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Kahramanmaras , between the old and people with the name Maras , Turkey ‘s most populous province and a city of the eighteenth. By 2016, it has a population of 1.112.634. [2] In the War of Independence , the Grand Nationality Medal was given by the TGNA on April 5, 1925 for resistance to occupation . His name, Maraş, was changed to Kahramanmaras on 7 February 1973.

The Ottoman traveler Evliya Çelebi , on the other hand, says to the people of Maraş in his travels , “Kelimatları is the language of Turks and most people are Turkmendir”. [3] Maraş and its environs are almost all 24 Oghuz necks, with the majority of Oguzs Avşar, Bayat and Beydili being the majority.

Tattoos with ice cream is famous. Kahramanmaraş’s tattoo ice cream spreads throughout the world with the determination and contribution of local companies, and ice cream branches are opened in many of the world’s cities. From Japan to USA , from Australia to Dubai , many countries are promoting cities and freezing local companies.

With the law numbered 6360 issued in 2012, it became a big city. At the same time it meets 14% of Turkey’s electricity needs Kahramanmaras.


The finds unearthed in the researches made in the caves in Tekir Valley, Döngel Village indicate that the settlement of the region started in the Upper Paleolithic Age; Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Old Bronze Age. During the excavations in the center of Kahramanmaras in 2009, a number of mosaics related to the ancient city of Germanicia belonging to the years 300-400 AD were found and work was started on them. [6]

The name of the city as “Markasi” or “Markas” in the Asur inscriptions became the capital of Gurgum Kingdom , a Late Hittite state . [7] [8] When the Assyrians annexed the Kingdom of Gurgum in 711 BC, the Markas provincial center was built. [9] Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Seljuks, Memluks, Dulkadiroğulları and Ottomans became dominant afterwards.

Since February 7, 1973, the name of Kahramanmaraş was changed to “Maraş’a” by the Parliament, because of the resistance that the people showed during the War of Independence.

In the end of the 11th century, Turks stayed in Anatolia. In 1243, the Mongol occupied the Maras, and the Dulkadiroğulları was in the II.Anadolu Emirates . On 12 June 1515, Maras under Ottoman rule with the Battle of Turnade , was under Ottoman rule between 1515 and 1919. During the Armistice period, it was first occupied by the British and then the French.

Liberation War period

Kahramanmaras Liberation War ‘s in place, especially the Turkish-French Front and Maras Defense of the substances are described in more detail.

Republican period

Issued in 2012 6360 was established by Law No. boundaries in Kahramanmaras metropolitan municipalities and provinces within the territorial boundaries of local elections in Turkey in 2014 and then began work on the metropolitan municipality.


Kahramanmaras has two official and two special OIZs . Especially in textile and yarn industry in Turkey and the Middle East has become a leading center position. The construction of the 5 th OSB in the city has been decided and studies are ongoing. Tomsukl to be made to position the new OSB approximately 25 thousand hectares ( acres ) wide and will be Turkey’s largest industry with the size of the OSB.


Within the borders of Kahramanmaras Uludaz topping most in Turkey ladybirds are hosting the colony. Uludaz Ugur Insect Festival is held in this region since 2007 with amateur mountaineers and professional mountaineering clubs and support of the municipality.


It is the most popular freeze . Of ice cream as well as pepper , butter , tarhana , cookies , çemeni , buns and foam sausage in flavors is frequently consumed in Kahramanmaraş is taken out as a gift.


Kahramanmaraş is located to the east of the Mediterranean Region and is an important point connecting both the road and the railway to the east and the roads from the south and the Mediterranean.

The bus terminal where many buses are located is in the city center. The new bus terminal is 4 Km away from the city center.

Kahramanmaraş railway station and railway transportation is provided.

Turkish Airlines Istanbul (Atatürk Airport) – Kahramanmaras daily direct flights between the two times a day, 14 times a week. Pegasus airlines together with THY, 4 days a week between Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen Airport) – Kahramanmaraş flights are running. In addition, direct flights between Anadolu Jet and Ankara-Kahramanmaras are provided every day of the week.


At the end of the 2017-2018 season, Kahramanmaraş Spor A.Ş. The 2nd League finished 11th place. Also in football league and women’s league some teams fell, the 1st league team of volleyball men fell in 1920 Maraşspor. There are two more teams in the volleyball leagues.

Kahramanmaras Sports Inc. , Ziraat Turkey Cup 3rd round of the Tokatspor has dealt with Rizespor Inc. in 4.Türk. 5. Scrapped to Başakşehir A.Ş.

Important sports facilities: 12 February Stadium (14.600), Osman Sayın Sports Hall (1.000), Westpark Karakucak Wrestling Field (2.500), February 12 Swimming Pool (750).


Kahramanmaras Province Population: 1.112.634 (2016) [2] . The area of ​​the province is 14,520 km². There are 77 people in km². ( Dulkadiroglu is the district with the largest density of 187 people ) The annual population growth rate in the province is 1,46%. [2nd]

According to TURKSTAT data in 2016, there are 11 districts and municipalities, 693 in these municipalities.

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