Turkey – Japan Political Relations

Located in the eastern and western ends of Asia and the modernization process of compromising their national identity and culture without having to develop common denominator of friendship between Turkey and Japan dates back to the late 20th century. Ertuğrul, who visited Japan in 1890 to bring the messages of friendship and friendship of Sultan Abdulhamit II to the Japanese Emperor Meiji, settled on the Kushimoto openings on his return to the frigate and lost 532 seafarers’ lives. This elimination event was preceded by the efforts of the Japanese villagers to save our seamen, and with the hearings of the accident, the interests of the Japanese people and their authorities and the families of our martyrs and their campaigns for the families of our martyrs constituted the bases of Turkish-Japanese friendship.

In this context, while the Iran-Iraq War was underway, the fact that many Japanese citizens who were cured in Tehran in 1985 were taken to Japan by Turkish Airlines upon the invitation of the Japanese authorities constituted another emotional turning point in the relationship.

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Japan was founded in 1924 and our first representative office was opened in 1925 in Japan before.

Our political relations, which have been upgraded to the level of “Strategic Partnership” in 2013, have been developing rapidly in recent years with the contribution of mutual high-level visits.

Further development and 2003 in order to contribute to the promotion of Turkey extends past the deep-rooted relations between Turkey and Japan “Year of Turkey in Japan”, in 2010. “Japanese Year in Turkey” was celebrated.

During 2015, the 125th anniversary of the Ertugrul Frigate Facias, memorial events and visits were held in both countries.


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