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The old city of Izmir ( Smyrna ) was built on an island in the north-east of the bay with an area of ​​about 100 acres. During the last centuries River Meles ‘ s and today with today’s patch brought by the flood mile from Mount Bornova plain occurred and the half-island turned into a hill appeared.

Now , this mound bearing the name of Tepekule has the sample link of İzmir Wine and Brewery of TEKEL Directorate . Since 1955, Izmir Mound has been identified as the first residential settlement in Izmir in this intense gecekondu area. The first excavations here the Turkish Historical Society and Antiquities and Museums General Directorate ‘are contributions have been great.

The first settlements on the western Anatolian coast – which originated after the Trojan Wars – are based on Aiol, Ionian and Dorian – usually on small peninsulas. These Pitanes ( Çandarlı ), Phokaia ( Foca ), Smyrna (Izmir), Klazomenai ( Kiliza financing ), Miletus and Iasoslike settlements. Thus, the peninsula residents had two limos and were assured against the attack from the black sea. In bad weather, if one of the ports were not suitable, the shipowners had the chance to use the other port. The Bayraklı Mound was in a comfortable position against the attack from the land, taking the Yamanlar Mountain, which is steeply rocky to the north, in the northeast corner of the bay. Southern imitate . The old Izmir settlement has been on this peninsula for about 3000 years. In the second half of the 4th century BC it moved to the skirts of today’s Kadifekale (Pagos) due to the large population increase.

he first discovery of Old Izmir was made by Ciriaco d’Ancona , who visited here at 1429-30 and 1446 .

The first Ottoman ruler of İzmir which is a second degree flag in the first centuries of the Ottoman administration is Karasubaşı Hasan Ağa . In the years 1605-1606, in the context of the Jalali revolts , Arab Sait and Kalenderoglu became the scene of the uprisings. However, the city is one of the most important trade centers of the empire after the capitulations that the Ottoman Empire recognized foreigners in 1620 .

French in 1619 and British consulates in 1620 . Meanwhile, the population structure of the city does not change either. 16th-century sources indicate that there are 19 mosques , 18 synagogues and only 1 Greek Orthodox church in Izmir and that only one of the city’s 9 districts had Christians. Therefore, Muslim – Turks in the city center in that period mostly have a significant and well-established Jewish community ( Sabetay Sevi is from the 17th century Izmir Jewish community) and Christian Greeks should be in minority. Evliya Çelebialso records the first observations of the change in population structure during the visit to Izmir in 1672 and writes that a growing number of indigenous non-Muslims, Levantines and Western merchants intensify in the Punta ( Alsancak ) neighborhood .

A plague epidemic of about 30,000 people died in 1676 in Izmir, and a big fire burned in half of the city in 1742. The first appointment made by the Ottomans to Izmir at the level of pasha is Köprülü Abdullah Pasha , appointed in 1716 after the Buca Uprising organized in foreign merchants in 1707 . In the 18th and 19th centuries, the city is the eye of French , English , Dutch and Italian merchants. Parallel to this development, the provincial center ( Aydin Province ) was temporarily transferred to Izmir in 1841 and then to Izmir in 1850. In the same year Sultan Abdülmecit , in 1863 Sultan AbdulazizThey came to İzmir, and the first president of the municipality established in 1871 was Yenişehirlizade Ahmet Efendi . 1841 Most of the Turkish and Jewish neighborhoods of the city were burned in the Izmir Fire . It has always been a challenging task to protect metropolitan areas around Izmir, a metropolitan area that has become a multinational trade city and has created wealth. In this context, the region’s famous Greek rascals, Katırcı , were caught in Buca in 1853. Especially Çakırcalı Mehmet Efe , the legends and bandits showed a special interest in İzmir and they were mostly interested in official, domestic, levanten and foreign merchants and minorities. they played a role in the network of relationships.

Izmir was occupied by the Greek army on 15 May 1919 after World War I. This invasion ends with the Salvation of Izmir on 9 September 1922 . However, İzmir can not survive one of the biggest disasters of the morning of September 13, 1922. The fire that started in the Basmane district destroyed more than 20,000 homes and businesses on an area of ​​2.6 million square meters. This fire, unfortunately, destroyed four quarters of the city’s traditional area. Izmir International Fair is in the field of fire today .

A few months before the proclamation of the Republic, a conference discussing new economic problems of Turkey’s İzmir Economic Congress ‘ What has hosted.

Izmir, issued in Law No. 1984 2972 [8] and the legislative decree No. 195 [9] results Istanbul and Ankara with metropolitan won the title. With the 3030 numbered law issued in the same year, statutes of metropolitan and district municipalities became clear. [10] Initially, three districts (Bornova, Karsiyaka, Konak) were included in the borders of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality . With the law numbered 5216 issued in 2004, the borders of the metropolitan municipality were enlarged to the borders of the district with a radius of 50 km. [11] Within the boundaries of these 21 districts, metropolitan municipalities have come to the municipality. [11th]Law No. 6360 issued in 2012 and 2014 local elections in Turkey after the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities was provincial territorial boundaries


Typical Mediterranean climate dominates the province of Izmir . The summers are hot and the dry winters are warm and rainy. In one year, the temperature of the air does not exceed 10 days under zero. About 100 days of your life is over 30 degrees. Snow and frost are rare. The annual precipitation is 700-1200 mm. In the summer imbat name brings coolness of the wind. This wind, which comes to mind from the warming and cooling between the land and the sea day and night, is unique with this only. [16] The average annual sea water temperature is 18,5 ° C.


In the order of Brookings Institution and JP Morgan’s rising cities in economy based on 2014 year, Izmir took 2nd place after Macao among 300 cities . İzmir was in the 6th place in the list in 2013. From the same list Turkey Istanbul 3 Bursa 4 and Ankara took place # 9. According to this report, the unemployment rate in İzmir in 2014 was 6.6%. [30]

Aliağa Port and Port of Izmir , Turkey respectively in terms of the volume of the container, sixth and seventh, third and thirteenth largest port in terms of cargo tonnage. [31] [32]

İzmir is the only city in Turkey that can produce its own electricity energy in 3 big cities. There is a power plant with 3992 MW installed power.

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