Iceland-Turkey Relations

Our relations with Iceland continue to be based on the NATO membership of the two countries.

We do not have a mutually-resident diplomatic representative with Iceland. Our Ambassador in Oslo is also acting as an accreditee to Iceland. Iceland’s Ambassador to Copenhagen is also accredited to my country.

Political contacts between our country and Iceland are more likely to occur at the margins of multilateral meetings. The last official visit to the bilateral framework was the visit of Icelandic Foreign Minister Haldor Asgrimmson on 19-20 April 2000 to our country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson visited Turkey for the first time after 15 years of consultation with NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting in Antalya on 12-14 May 2015, in this way he conducted a bilateral meeting with Sayın Bakanımız. Minister Sveinsson has visited our country to participate in the UN High-Level Division of the 12th Conference of the Parties held in Ankara on 20-21 October 2015 in the UN Convention against Combatting Desertification. The Foreign Minister of the period Lilja Dögg Alfredsdóttir, The World Humanitarian Summit held on 23-24 May 2016 in our country visited our country. Finally, Sayin Bakimizin held an interview with Icelandic Foreign Minister Thordarson during a UN meeting on Peace and Security in New York on April 23, 2018.

Our economical-commercial relations with Iceland are limited for reasons such as lack of direct transportation, small market. In 2017, we exported 200 million US Dollars to Iceland and 32 million US Dollars from this country. Our bilateral trade volume was 232 million US Dollars.

About 100 Turkish citizens live in Iceland. Iceland has Honorary Consulate General in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. In Reykjavik, the Honorary Consulate General of our country is available.

In 2017, 2,455 Icelandic tourists visited our country.

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