Turkey – Honduras Political Relations

Our bilateral relations with geographical distance from Honduras, not knowing each other well enough and not being developed much recently due to different foreign policy priorities, our country’s Central American Integration System (SICA) being a non-regional observer member in February 2015, our embassy in Guatemala has entered a new phase of activity in September 2015.

High level bilateral visits have not been realized between the two countries to date. Bilateral contracts have been made mostly with international meetings. First held in Guatemala Turkey-SICA Foreign Ministers of the Forum on the occasion, Mr. Minister on February 13, 2015 Honduran counterpart met Arturo Corrales Alvarez.

April 20, 2017 made history in our country hosted in Istanbul, Turkey Second-SICA Foreign Ministers’ Forum on Honduran Foreign Minister Maria Dolores Lara joined Aguero, Mr. Minister aforesaid meeting it conducted a bilateral meeting on the margins.

Honduras is our fourth trading partner in Central America. A significant portion of exports to Honduras from Turkey iron and steel products, machinery and machine parts, weapons and ammunition, electrical appliances, is composed of plastic and plastic derivatives. Textiles and tobacco products are the beginning of what we buy from Honduras.

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