Turkey – Guatemala Political Relations

Our relations with Guatemala have been growing rapidly since our country is a member of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and since the opening of our Embassy in Guatemala on 31 August 2015.

Mr. Minister, the First Turkey-SICA Foreign Ministers to attend the Forum on February 13, 2015, visited Guatemala. Following the signing ceremony held after the Forum, an agreement was signed on the membership of our country to SICA observer. During his visit, Mrs. Bakimanis held a bilateral meeting with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Raul Morales.

Minister Raul Morales made an official visit to my country on April 19, 2017 and during the visit he opened the Embassies in Ankara with a ceremony attended by our minister. Morales also during the visit, held in Istanbul on April 20 hosted by our country Turkey-SICA Foreign Affairs participated in the Second Forum.

Our country has contributed 220 thousand in 2016 and $ 100 thousand in 2017 to the projects carried out within the Organization of American States (ADO) to solve the border problem between Guatemala and Belize. The donations that our country has made for various things have reached 784 thousand dollars.

Guatemala also has an Honorary Consulate in Istanbul.

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