Turkey – Grenada Political Relations

Relations between Grenada and our country have been rather limited due to geographical distance and the fact that the interests of both countries have concentrated on their territories for many years. However, more interest in the region, opening new embassies, conducting technical cooperation projects with TIKA channels, and establishing relations with regional organizations in the framework of our opening policy to the Latin American and Caribbean region in recent years has led to a revival in our relations with Grenada.

Turkey-Grenada is there are any problems in the relationship, the two countries especially Nominations for UN subsidiary organs and also give support to the candidacy of each other to the extent permitted conditions in the international arena.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Ahmet Davutoglu said on 9-10 March 2014, Vincent and Grenadin (CARICOM) Summit and held a bilateral meeting with Grenada Foreign Minister Nickolas Steele on this occasion.

Embassy of Santo Domingo in Grenada is accredited.

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