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Gaziantep , between the old and people with the name Gaziantep , Turkey ‘s eighth most populous province and a city. As of 2016, it has a population of 1,974,836. [2] Southeast Anatolia Region is the first in terms of industry and development. is still one of the oldest cities in the world. [3] Besides Gaziantep, Turkey also holds a very important place in industry and trade. Among these, Gaziantep is located between Anatolia and the Middle East and it is close to the port cities. Among the symbols of Gaziantep are Gaziantep Castle .

Although there are many springs in Gaziantep, there are no natural lakes . Because of this, artificial lakes and dams have been built instead of many in the city . The most important stream of the province is the Euphrates River and its branches. There are very few natural forests in the province of Gaziantep . Only 14% of the existing lands are covered with forest areas. Especially oak and scarlet trees dominate these forests . The oak forests are all broken and under protection. The majority of the redpox forests are artificial forests. The western and northern sides of the province of Gaziantep are surrounded by forests, steppes and meralar . Sixty per cent of the province’s territory is arable. This section,fields , olives , pistachios , fruit and vegetable gardens . [4]

The main mountains in the province are the Nur Mountains and the Sof Mountains in the west . The plate movement between the Nur and Sof Mountains is a resultant collapse. The highest mountain in the world is the Great Sof Mountain with a height of 1496 meters . The main plains are Islahiye , Barak and Tilbashar plains. Nurdağı and İslahiye in the province of Gaziantep1st degree, Yavuzeli and Araban 2nd degree, Oğuzeli , Nizip and Karkamış are 3rd degree earthquake regions.


​Dülük (Dolikhe or Doliche), which is located near the present day Gaziantep, is the oldest city in this region. It is known that archeological excavations have lived in this city since the Paleolithic period. [8] [9] However, after the Early Bronze Age , the Dülük could have been a permanent settlement. [10] This city is very developed because it is located on the Silk Road . Under the rule of Babylon

when the city was first established , the city passed by the Hittites in 1700 BC . After the Hittites, the city passed to the Egyptian government, [11]Median , Assyrians and Persians chronologically order between 700 BC-546 AD . In the 6th century BC , the rule of the cities and the civilizations of Macedonia , Selevkos and Komagene begins. Having hosted various civilizations, Antep was in a position to join the Arab and Aleppo states in the first periods when it passed through the hands of the Ottomans in 1516, while Dulkadir State was formed in 1531 and kept this position until 1818 when it was located between the borders of this province. From this date, it was again bound to the province of Aleppo as a starboard. The city took an important place in Ottoman city culture.

After the victory of Yavuz Sultan Selim in the Mercidabık Battle in 1516, Ayıntap goes to Ottoman rule. During the Ottoman period , many mosques , madrasahs , inns and hammams were built in the city. Between 1516 and 1596, the city has also developed in terms of production , commerce and crafts . Evliya Çelebi who visited the city twice in 1641 and 1671, has 22 neighborhoods , 8 thousand houses , 100 mosques, madrasa, han, hamam and a covered bazaar” It is a city with a large province because of the world, with spectacular buildings everywhere, a lot of graves, abundance and fertility, unlimited food and beverage springs and rivers, and this is the City-Ayintab-ı Cihan “. [12] In the Ottoman period Ayıntap was never in its own province, but first in Maras (today’s Kahramanmaras ), then in Aleppo . Yet Ayıntap’s culture has not been much influenced by Arab culture.

Gaziantep, issued in Law No. 1987 3398 [14] with metropolitan won the title. Initially, two districts ( Şahinbey and Şehitkâmil ) were included in the borders of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality . With the law numbered 5216 issued in 2004, the borders of the metropolitan municipality were enlarged to the borders of the province with a radius of 30 kilometers. [15] The municipalities remaining within these boundaries, the metropolitan municipalities of the provinces, are still present. [15] with Law No. 6360 issued in 2012, 2014 Turkey’s local elections, then the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities was provincial territorial boundaries. [16]

2013 Syrian Civil War , NATO member Gaziantep military moves in response to any military moves against Turkey in Adana and Kahramanmaras ‘ s request after Turkey’s MIM-104 Patriot is placed.


Due to its location, a mixture of Mediterranean climate and continental climate can be seen in Gaziantep . The weather is very hot especially in June , July , August and September . It is very cold in December , January and February . The highest temperature measured in Gaziantep is 44 ° C and the lowest temperature is -13 ° C. [18] From June to September, Gaziantep has the least rainfall. The highest precipitation is from December to February. A very large temperature difference between day and night as the season changes

has. The humidity in the city is very low because it is not coastal. So the weather is not very hard.


Gaziantep transportation facilities and port city due to the proximity of the economic aspects of the richest cities in Turkey. The most important subsistence resources in Gaziantep are agriculture , animal husbandry , energy resources, handicrafts , industry and commerce . With the completion of the Southeastern Anatolia Project , agriculture will be further developed in the city.

In Gaziantep , which is extremely poor in terms of mineral resources, phosphate , manganese and bauxite are extracted.

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