Turkey-France Relations

France, on the basis of our five centuries-old relationships, is an important commercial and economic partner and a leading ally of the Turkish community, whose population is around 700,000.

The history of Turkish-French diplomatic relations date back to 1483. Sultan II. Bayezid, on the date mentioned, to learn about his brother Cem Sultan held in France XI. Louis sent an Envoy of Greek descent from the temperate (Limni) island. The first French Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, Jean de la Forest, began to refer to it in 1535. With the capitulations given in 1535, France became the most privileged state in the Ottoman State. The Ottoman Empire appointed the first Ambassador, Mehmet Çelebi, in 1821, in France.

During the War of Independence basis of relations between Turkey and France signed the Ankara Agreement dated October 20, 1921 form.

Our political relations with France have gained momentum with the visit of President Hollande to our country on 27-28 January 2014. A total of 13 agreements / documents have been signed in areas such as energy, transportation, customs, agriculture, credit facilities. In addition, according to the “Joint Declaration on the Formation of a Strategic Framework for Cooperation” signed by the two foreign ministers during the visit, Mrs. Foreign Minister visited France on October 10, 2014. With this visit, the Action Plan for the 2014-2016 was signed and put into effect by Mrs. Bakim and her then French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. On the occasion of the second meeting of French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault’s cooperation mechanism, he visited our country on 23-24 October 2016. Finally, on 14-15 September 2017, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has made an official visit to my country.

Economic and commercial relations with France are following a steady course. According to the data of 2016, Turkey is France’s 3rd largest trading partner outside the EU. France ranks 7th in terms of bilateral trade volume. Our bilateral trade volume was 13 billion 389 million dollars (exports: 6 billion 24 million dollars, imports 7 billion 365 million dollars) in 2016.

Our first three exports to France are road vehicles, clothing goods and accessories, electrical household appliances; The first three items of imports from France are aircrafts and air vehicles, iron and steel products, automobile accessories and spare parts.

The President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Hollande’s visit to our country in January 2014, and the aim of raising the bilateral trade volume to 20 billion euros is being carried on with determination. Mutual investments, which form another important pillar of our economic relations, are also on the positive side. During the period of 2002-2016, France’s direct investments in our country amounted to 6 billion 850 million dollars, while the direct investment from our country to France amounted to 187 million dollars.

In 2016, 555,151 French tourists visited our country. There are about 700,000 Turks living in France, with over 350,000 has dual citizenship.

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