Turkey-Estonia Political Relations

The foundation of our relations with Estonia, which declared its independence on February 24, 1918, is based on the “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” signed on 1 December 1924. Estonia’s independence on 20 August 1991 on the re-acquisition, the Joint statement diplomatic relations between Turkey and Estonia signed on October 2, 1991 re-established.

Friendly relations between Estonia and Turkey and there is close cooperation. Does not recognize the annexation of Estonia by the USSR in Turkey, Estonia Estonia’s strong support for Turkey’s membership in NATO support it provides for EU membership are reflected positively on bilateral relations. Approaches to current international problems between Estonia and Turkey in parallel with the UN, NATO, is done in close cooperation in major international organizations such as the Council of Europe.

Mr. President visited Estonia between 23-24 October 2014. Mr minister, Minister of the EU and Chief Negotiator Mr. Volkan Bozkır, Minister of Culture and Tourism Sayın Omer Çelik and Mr. Mehin Eker, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Livestock of the period.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand visited our country on 24 August 2016 in the capacity of Chairman of the Council of Europe. Minister made a double visit to Estonia on 27 October 2016.

Estonian Prime Minister Ratas made an official visit to my country on 15-17 August 2017. Foreign Minister Sven Mikser made a visit to my country on July 18, 2017, within Estonian EU Presidency. Estonia has endeavoured to maintain the dialogue between our country and the EU during the Presidency and has demonstrated a constructive attitude.

Participation of our country in the Taurin Catholic NATO Civil Defense Excellence Center (SSMM) took place in 2015.

The trade volume between Turkey and Estonia in 2017 406 million dollars, 106 million dollars of our exports, our imports have been realized as 300 million dollars.

More than 60% of our exports to Estonia consist of home textiles, ready-to-wear products and textile raw materials. Other items in our exports to Estonia are textiles, motor vehicles, various machinery and devices. The main items in our imports from Estonia are iron and steel, electrical machinery and appliances and jewellery.

November period 2002-2016 made from Estonia to Turkey sum of foreign direct investment has amounted to 11 million US dollars. In the same period, the total amount of foreign direct investment in Estonia from Turkey is US $ 2 million.

Our country is the first tourism destination in Estonia. The number of tourists from Estonia to Turkey has been the year of 2017 48.024 people.

Since 1997, he has been working as a Turkish academician with the support of TİKA since 2008 in the Turkish Language Department operating under the Department of Turcology at Tallin University. The Turkish Language Department in the Foreign Languages ​​Center of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tartu, which is the oldest university in Estonia and the region (organization 1632), has also been operating since 1998.

A martyrdom monument was opened on November 14, 2008 in Rakvere, Estonia, to commemorate the loss of Ottoman soldiers who had been captured in the Ottoman-Russian War in 1877-1878 and taken to Estonia.

Approximately 450 Turkish residents living in Estonia.

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