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Natural conditions and geographical location are convenient and convenient, and proximity to places known as important civilizations and civilizations has made Erzurum one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. Some stone tools found at the end of the excavations made up to the sunny day take the history of the settlement of Erzurum and its region to the “stone carvings”. In addition , the finds of Karaz , Pulur , Güzelova Höyük , and Sos Höyük indicate that Erzurum is at the center of the Karaz Culture at the Early Bronze Age . [9]

Erzurum has hosted many civilizations before history. The history of Erzurum dates back to 4000 BC. Urartu , Cimmerians , Scythians , Hittites , Medes , Persians , Romans , Byzantines , Sassanids , Umayyad , Seljuks , Mongols , Ilkhanate , Safavids , Ottomans and the Republic of Turkey has retained control of the provincial territory

In 1591, the intervention of the administration was necessary for the events that broke out between the people of Erzurum and the newcomers, but these events also laid the foundation for the rise of other rebellions. There have been problems between taxpayers of Erzurum and the newcomers increasing in number in the region. [14] The people who complained about the newcomers who settled in Erzurum, killed some newcomers there. After reaching Istanbul, the newcomers showed their reactions. On these events, the Ottoman vizier, Ferhad Pasha, was taken on duty and a delegation was sent to Erzurum. This delegation was executed by hanging many Erzurumluyu in a castle. A few of them were sent to Istanbul and were hit by hooks and executed. [15]

Abaza Mehmed Pasha who was Erzurum Beylerbeyi in the 1620s, Sultan II. He started killing the newcomers in Erzurum upon Osman’s murder. However, when the Yençeriler tried to be recognized through the burn on the kneecap, the indifferent people were killed as “Janissaries”. [16] The progress of Abaza Pasha, IV. After Murad’s removal from the throne, Abaza Pasha was shut down in Erzurum. After a compromise, Erzurum continued to act with the same violence, even though he was brought to the position of Beylerbeyi. Despite the fact that he was asked for help because of an expedition in 1626, he assumed this as a trap and attacked the army from Erzurum Castle. The prisoner shot the necks of the newcomers and killed Dişlenk Hussein Pasha. [17]The prisoner took the four pieces from the headstock and four of the chiefs and made them part of the tower of Erzurum Castle. [18] In addition, how much janissaries and artillery they found in the sides of Erzurum killed all of them. Halil Pasha, who came to the East, found himself in negotiations with Abaza Pasha in Erzurum in August 1627, but did not receive any results. Then he surrounded Erzurum. [19] The siege of Erzurum was abolished in November. In 1628, Abaza Pasha, who surrendered at the end of the expedition that Hüsrev Pasha organized, He was forgiven by Murad. Before Abaza Pasha’s uprising, the Erzurum people were confronted with the newcomers.

The Republic of Turkey State ‘s first President of the Turkish politician and statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, April 23, 1920, in Ankara, Turkey at the opening of the Grand National Assembly, was elected to the Assembly and the Government Presidency capacity Erzurum deputy.

Erzurum was not even in the Republican era and began to develop rapidly. Today, it is the most developed and largest city in the Eastern Anatolia Region . The intercity traffic plate number is 25 and the telephone code is 442.

Erzurum gained the title of metropolis with the decrees [ 504 ] issued on September 2, 1993 [41] . With the law numbered 5216 issued in 2004, the borders of the metropolitan municipality were enlarged to the borders of the province with a radius of 20 km. [42] With the law numbered 5747 issued in 2008, new provinces were established in the province. [43] with Law No. 6360 issued in 2012, 2014 Turkey’s local elections, then the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities was provincial territorial boundaries


Turkey ‘One of the highest and coldest cities in Erzurum hard continental climate which prevails. In general the winters are very cold and snowy; summer is very hot and dry. Almost 2-3 months of the year are covered with snow. Summer especially makes itself felt until mid-June and July. The amount of rainfall is 460 mm per square meter. The rivers feed on rivers in the region.

Apart from the northern parts located in the province of Karadeniz, the province is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region and has a continental climate . Erzurum has a lot of altitude and heavy snowfall ( snow is in place in 70 days of the year ) causes the sun rays to reflect back to the far. So Erzurum, Turkey ‘s sunniest despite being one of the province, one of the coldest cities. In summer the temperature is +35 degrees, while in winter the temperature goes down to -30 degrees.


Erzurum Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The economy of Erzurum is mainly agricultural – animal husbandry and industry – trade elements. There are 69 companies registered in the industrial register. There are 2 organized industrial zones. [78] The fact that the region is located on the silk road in the past periods also makes it possible for the city to develop in the field of economy, and it also reveals its importance in commercial terms. Founded in 1957 in Erzurum, Ataturk University provides commercial vitality to the city. Erzurum is one of the most important trade centers of Turkey and Eastern Anatolia. Oltu stone , which is produced in the district of Oltu and is semi-precious metaland special accessories made from this stone, jewelery and the like are a source of livelihood for the region’s people and tradesmen. Winter tourism, which is more prevalent in the region and limited to the Palandöken mountains winter sports facilities, has gained significant gains in recent years and has been scattered throughout the region as new infrastructure and facilities. With this feature in the area beyond the borders of Turkey it has become one of the world’s leading centres. There is a significant contribution of sports facilities to regional tourism and economy.

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