Turkey – Eritrea Political Relations

Turkey, after gaining its independence in 1993, was one of the first countries to recognize Eritrea. In 2007 we opened an Honorary Consulate in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. Our relationships with Eritrea have been smooth but stagnant. Our Asmara Embassy opened on November 1, 2013. There is no representative of Eritrea in our country, and the embassy of Doha is accepted.

Studies on the development of relations with Eritrea, which has over 300 years of common historical and cultural backgrounds, are continuing to be developed in political, economic and consular issues, although centralization in decision-making mechanisms, and capacity issues in the country as a whole, cause slow progress.

On November 16, 2012, the Foreign Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu visited Eritrea and met with President Isaias Afwerki. This visit was the first visit to Turkey at the level of Foreign Minister to Eritrea from our country.

Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh has realized a 16 December 2011 at the First Turkey-Africa Partnership Ministerial Level held in Istanbul Review Conference on the occasion of a visit to our country.

The first political consultations between the two countries took place in Asmara on 9-10 March 2016. In 2016, our exports to Eritrea amounted to US $ 15.6 million and our imports amounted to US $ 2.3 million. Our main products in Eritrea are electrical household goods, food stuffs and apparel.

THY is carrying out Istanbul – Asmara flights three times a week since 19 August 2014. Close to twenty Eritrean students are graduate-doctoral education in our country with Turkey Scholarships.

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