Elazig is the eastern province of Turkey. To visit the eastern province Elazig ensure that your nationality is eligible for Turkey evisa. Please ensure that you print your Turkey evisa copy before your arrival to Turkey. So please make the appropriate action and apply for Turkey evisa. The evisa is valid for 6 months.


Elazig is the continuation of the old Harput . [5] For this reason, the history of Elazig is handled with the history of Harput. Harput , Anatolia ‘yun Mesopotamia ‘ or been involved in the transition route of the caravan routes linking has made many cultures and civilizations host. [6] The earliest known residents of Harput are the Hurrilers who settled in Eastern Anatolia in the year 2000 BC . [5] Urartians who ruled the Hittites after the Hurriler and established a state in Eastern Anatolia by the 9th century BC did not last long. Harput, the Turks in 1085 passed the hand, then Ilhanlılar , Dulkadiroğulları , Akkoyunlular and Safevler ruled. The Ottoman Army after the Çaldıran Muharabası , which took place in 1516 was conquered by the . At the next time, the life in Harput was moved to the ovary where the present Elâzığ Merkez District is located and the boundaries of surrounding provinces were formed and the boundaries of Elazığ province, which covers today’s Central District and 9 districts, are formed. It started to show its main development at the beginning of the Republican years. [5] [8]With the proclamation of the governor appointed by Sultan Abdulaziz on the throne of Ahmed Izzet Pasha in 1867, he was named Mamurat’ul-Aziz as a city and was briefly mentioned as Elaziz because of the difficulty of pronunciation among the people. [7] During the visit of Ataturk in 1937, the name of El-azık, which came to mean the province with the proposal, was given and then it became Elazığ.


Elazig is influenced by continental climate . Summer months are hot and arid, winter months are cold and hard. Winter is much softer when compared to other parts of Eastern Anatolia. Deviations in the climate have been observed recently due to dams built around Elazığ . [10] This climatic structure increased the diversity of agricultural crops in the winter when it rained most in the winter and spring.


The provincial economy is based on industry , agriculture and trade . After the construction of the Keban Dam , a part of the lands suitable for agriculture has been flooded, and the industry has been revived in parallel with the decrease in agricultural land. 30% of gross income comes from industry, 10% from trade and 25% from agriculture.

The provincial plains are small, but very efficient. In these ovals where the great rivers with abundant waters sweat; wheat , barley , rice , sugar beet , tobacco , beans , chickpeas , lentils , vetch , vetch , onion , garlic , cotton , grapes , apples , pears , apricots , walnuts , almonds and mulberries . The products grown include cabbage ,melon and strawberries have become an important source of income.

Elazig is a place where the mining industry competes with agriculture and even passes agriculture. Soil in copper , chromium , lead and silvery There are major mineral resources, such as bentonite. At Ergani Copper Plant, blister, copper, sulfuric acid and prit are produced. Other mining operations are Guleman Chrome Plant, Ferro Chrome Plants and Elazığ Concrete Plant. In addition to this, Marble is being removed from the Alaccakaya and Arıcak districts. In the last years, many marble processing factories have been established to process the Elaziğ marble, which has its own unique characteristics.

Elazığ in terms of territory and rich mineral consisting of Turkey ‘s largest hydroelectric power plants is one of the industry due to the advanced in this province. There are a total of 1,200 industrial businesses in Irish small. Elazığ has an important place in the Eastern Anatolia Region in the field of industry . Especially with the establishment of Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, the number of factories increased rapidly. Construction of 20 factories in 49 fabricated industrial zones has been completed and production has been completed. The construction of the others is ongoing. Flour , leather , sugar , cement , cottonseed, cotton yarn, tile , wool , milk , feed , Nitrogen , super phosphate , lime , plastic pipe, LPG production and filling, paper , textile , soft drinks, printing , marble , sunflower oil, shoes , furniture , soap , medical supplies factory, they are the major industries.


In this region where Muslims , Greeks , Armenians and Assyrians lived together for many years in the past , traces of different cultures and civilizations are still visible today. [6] A multicultural way of life has been seen in various periods of history in the region that hosts various civilizations. Cultures; the city has reached its daily life without losing its vitality throughout its long history, which is reflected in the language and music of the city. The Harput music, which we hear in daily life, and the ongoing Kürsübaşı tradition, are the important cultural and social assets of the city.

Local Foods

In Elazığ cuisine, there are about 150 dishes and a sweet variety. [34] Some of them are Harput meatballs, cheese bread, orcik, içli köfte, burial, dolanger, bread desserts and patties. [34] [35] The history of local dishes is based on Harput and shows similarities with Turkish food culture. One of the most common desserts in the region is the locust , also known as walnut sausage , which is identified with the locality . Orcik is made of grape or mulberry syrup and walnut . In addition to this, in Elazığ rubs, also known as “Sürüsüüszümü” Öküzgözü Grapeare grown; It is used for making wine with permanent structure, red fruity, plump and light grained and suitable for aging.

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